Marcy S., age 20, Missouri

Beautiful, mild day. Good breakfast. Practiced at 8. Test in shorthand – 197 words. Fun in dancing class at 10. Went to see Mr. Baltzer at 11 – he asked me all about Kay. Guess she’s coming! Practiced then til noon. Lunch with Mary and Betty. Read stories during siesta and had Eng. Lit. Class at 2. Mr. Miller is quite a scholar! Back to room and read til 3:30 when Mary, Betty and I went down to Hall and saw Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman in “For Whom the Bell Tolls” in technicolor. Magnificent is the word – we dripped all over the place. Not Mary tho. Not out til 6:30. What a picture!!! I can’t put into words what happened to me when I sat there and saw and thought and experienced. I saw clearly the future – my whole life, past and present and future. My destiny, I guess. I have only to face it now – it’s all cleared up, all the questions are answered – except one maybe and that will come later. It isn’t imagination – it’s real. I saw it and felt it. Sunset gorgeous as we walked home. Talked about “world situation” and got boiling mad about politics, etc. We’ve got to do something!! Letter and cornbread from Mum. Divided latter up. At 7:30 went to cinema lab and saw “Birth of the Blues” with Bing Crosby. [In upper margin] Hair looked so nice – parted in the middle.