Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Rained in morning. Lovely. Pretty busy. We take deposition tomorrow! I’m scared to death! Met George up by Rockwells’ at noon and walked home with him. No rain in afternoon but cloudy. Felt very good. Day-dreamed and had wonderful time. Bad habit, though. Didn’t mind its being cloudy today. Ironed dress after work. Pop home for supper. About 7:30 went down to Kimmie’s. Sat in porch swing and waited for her. Kay came down and she and Mrs. Young went to the show. Mrs. Young reminds me of Auntie Edith. I had the most wonderful feeling of loving everybody! Kim. issued forth and we walked down to Red Cross. Pan and Betsy came, too, the former going upstairs to band practice. The Rockwells were there and some other ladies. Later Nancy Wallace, Wilda Mc. and another girl came. Betsy was in a giggling mood. The skating rink music nearly drove us crazy. Made 2×4’s tonight. I made 101. Pan came down after band practice. We all walked up to Rockwells’ corner with Betsy and then Pan and Kim. went on up to Tarwater’s with me. Lovely night. Hope it doesn’t rain for the hay ride tomorrow. Much as we need it.