Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Bright, beautiful day with great banks of white castle-clouds. Typed deposition all morn. Still feeling a little depressed. Met Pan coming back at noon and she walked down to band practice with me. She said to be sure to come up to park after work and play tennis. I said I’d stop by and watch them. More depositions. Fingers got very tired. Mum was at Red Cross next door. I poked my head in when I was leaving at 5. Mrs. Hairsten was there. Gorgeous afternoon but hot again. Went to P.O. and had them open our box. Oodles of business mail for Pop. An announcement from Washington informing me that I’ve been accepted as a junior. Also short letter from Rochester and application blanks. Not much hope ’cause dorms are full for coming year but I’ll not give up yet. Felt very important carrying all that mail. Stopped by Kimmie’s and wanted her to go up to tennis courts but she wasn’t cleaned up. Told her about latest developments on college front. Made plans for tonight. Just as I was leaving I saw Mum coming up the hill so I waited and we walked home together. Glorious afternoon! Decided not to stop at park because some boys were there and I looked a mess. Read Aunt Nellie’s letter. She and Harriett went to Jack’s wedding but she didn’t tell us any of the interesting little details. These people! George and Betty Bowman were behind us as we neared home. I practiced and took a bath. Hot again. Pop came and we had supper. There were the most beautiful cloud formations in the east. Great billowy white banks against the blue of the evening sky. About 7:30 I left for Red Cross. It was one evening in a million. Those clouds and the lovely, tinted evening sky, and a certain oak tree bark of Marney’s which is turning already lifted me to the heights. Only one life to live and it must be lived to the very fullest and best! Stopped by for Kimmie and we went down to the Red Cross rooms. Mrs. Massey and Miss Ivy were there. Soon Kay and 2 other ladies came. Kay was very talkative. She confessed later that it was because she was nervous — about going to Stephens. That’s about all we talked about. She wants to go and yet she doesn’t. Kimmie made 150 — I 145 and Kay about 75. We helped Mrs. Massey tie them. Left about 9:30. Mrs. Massey, Kay and Kimmie walked up to Tarwaters with me. It was the most beautiful summer’s night I ever remember here. The moon was so bright and the clouds so dark and the stars glittered like diamonds as they peeked between the sky islands. It was too perfect to go in so I sat out in the yard and curled my hair. Saw the moon enveloped in a majestic dark cloud — the rim was actually gold. It was so beautiful I felt as if my soul wanted to burst forth and soar up and up till it was among the clouds, too. The clouds over Helen’s house were puffy white things and the night sky was grayish between but the stars were polished bright. It reminded me somehow of the “old war days” and I was out of this world for minutes. A night I shall never forget. Ever.