Cloudy and rainy but hot. Pretty busy. Finished depositions by noon. Hope they’re okay. Off a little before 5. Went up to Hamilton’s new shop, just opened today — by Webbo. It’s so clean and bright looking and there’s a lovely green view from the back windows. Mary Gusta waited on me. In a few minutes Mum appeared and we looked at dresses, etc. Ended up buying a dress slip (Mum), jumper, silk blouse, and slip (me). Visited with Mrs. Hamilton. Left about 5:30. Mum stopped at a grocery store but I went on ’cause my shoes hurt. Was accosted as I passed Kim’s. We made plans for the show tonight and she invited me to spend Saturday night with her and have Sunday dinner!! Just as I was leaving I espied Mum up by Presbyterian church. I gave with a yell and she looked right at me and didn’t even see me. A car stopped and she got in, with me running and yelling all the time — and generally making a spectacle of myself! Well!! I was very happy trudging home, though. Mum beat me there, of course, and I reproached her for her conduct! 🙂 Bath and good supper. Wore my new red and flowered jumper and set out about 7:30. Looked like rain. Mum was going to a Legion Aux. meeting at Mrs. Waterhouse’s. Which reminds me, Jim was selected for Officers’ Training and is up in New Jersey. He preferred to go overseas but was chosen. Quite an honor. Pan and Betsy went on ahead of Kimmie and I. The theatre was crowded so they had to open the balcony. Good shorts. Saw “Four Jills in a Jeep.” I don’t like Kay Francis — Kimmie shares the sentiment but Mitzi Mayfair was darling and Martha Raye as crazy as usual. Pretty good. Kay and “Chooceg” came in and sat next to us. Also saw Alice Jones and exchanged words. Out about 10. Went up to Youngs’ and then we walked Betsy home. She and Pan are the greatest cut-ups. Pan and Kimmie walked all the way with me and Pan was sweet. I stumped my toe once and she said “Kiss your thumb and see your beau — Ashley.” Heh, heh. Pop away. Cleared and moon had free sailing tonight.