Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Still cloudy and looked like rain. It sprinkled off and on all morn — sun came out and then there’d be another shower. Regular April weather. I didn’t have that empty feeling anymore when I looked out the window. Busy all morn. Mr. H. thought I’d have to work this afternoon at first but we got through. I stayed till about 12:15. It cleared then. Pop drove me home. Card from Joan Craft. Had one from Jean Mac. the other day. Oh, I felt so wonderful! Good dinner with yummy raisin cake for dessert. Washing dishes was actually a pleasure and just looking forward to exercising in the back yard and taking a nap were happy thoughts. There was blue sky here and there but it kept spitting rain. Oooh! I loved it! Mum and Pop went to rest and I went out in back yard armed with tennis racket and ball to have a game with the back of the house. Felt free and wonderful! Sky lovely, still sprinkling. All went well till I aimed a ball too high. There was. sharp crack as if a hard object coming in contact with something breakable. The ball had made a beautiful entrance through the back room window. Two heads popped simultaneously out of the bedroom window and two voices queried “What’s that?” in tones of alarm. I broke the news as gently as possible and, indiscreetly, saw the funny side of it. As I entered the house Pop lost his temper and began with cutting contempt, “Well, if you can’t do any better than that…” But when I reminded him of the windows he had broken in his baseball days he subsided! 🙂 Mum said he remarked later that girls never could aim straight. Well, I came down out of the clouds temporarily and returned to my bedroom for a nap. Awoke at 4 and washed some clothes. Soon had Mum in good humor again. Bath and supper. About 5:15 it started to rain and when I left for town it was pouring. Pop insisted upon driving me down. By the time we reached the library it had stopped and the sun was coming out again. I got Thank You, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse. Went on up to Dr. Adcock’s. Office wasn’t full then but it was a few minutes later. I read the book and nearly popped laughing. Dr. A. took me about 6:30 which was better service than I’d been prepared to expect. He drilled the bad one and the cavity was so big it felt as if a tooth had been pulled there. He cut the gum so was afraid to put a permanent filling in it. The temporary felt like rubber. Out of chair about 6:45. Dr. A. is so nice. Mushed radly home and was wringing wet. Cleared but muggy and hot. Ironed a dress. Pan called to instruct me to come right down. So I packed my little bag — it felt heavy enough to keep me a week. All cloudy again. Pop and Mum drove me down. Kimmie was up in their bedroom sewing, Pan and Bob Stultz (!) were dancing downstairs. I ascended and found Kim. in the the process of making a skirt. I got some Good Housekeepings and read some very good stories. That’s the nicest room. Listened to radio. I pinned up Kimmie’s skirt at least 3 times and still the hem wasn’t even. Then she put it on me and we went through a few more eons of measuring before the results were satisfactory. About 10:30 we went downstairs. Pan and Bob were out on the porch. He’d bought her a box of chocolates (first date, too!), which we all enjoyed! Kimmie called Mary up to ask her and Horace for dinner tomorrow — has tried to get in touch with her since Thursday but it’s a miracle if you can ever find the Greers t’hum! Mary and Kim. talked about 20 minutes, during the course of which time, Mary accepted the invitation. Then I took over and we chewed the fat. Kim. kept tickling and otherwise annoying me and it was most difficult to carry on an intelligent conversation under those circumstances. The latest is that Mary’s boss gave her job to another girl and put Mary to work at something a moron could do without taxing its mentality! So Mary is trying for a release and has an offer of a job at the bank. She said we could have lunch together and it would be much better for her to work in town. Then she told me about a nice picnic spot out at Swan Pond and wants our “families” to plan a picnic there next week. Ah! Horace returned home and we kidded a few minutes. Mr. and Mrs. Young came in from an evening of bridge at the Marshes’ and were apparently in excellent spirits. Mr. Young is so funny. They sat in the living room while Kim. and I took turns at the telephone. About 11:30 we hung up and Kim. and I went out and sat on the step. Bob left about then and Pan joined us. We told moron jokes till 12 when the elder Youngs summoned us in. Pan has a tennis date tomorrow afternoon. Mr. Young went out on the porch and talked to Bob when he first came home and made Pan so mad! She thinks her parents don’t trust her. It didn’t seem late at all. I had gotten over my sleepy spell and was far from ready to call it a day — even if the clock was! We all sat in the living room a few minutes and joked. Decided on waffles for breakfast. Kim., Pan and I adjourned to the second story and by a concerted effort succeeded in moving a cot into the bedroom for Pan. Then began the long and seemingly endless preparations for bed. I finished up first and retired to bed. Pan was downstairs at the time. Well, much to my dismay, what did my watchful eye encounter as soon as I pulled back the covers, but a layer or two of cracker crumbs on the bottom sheet. Kim. professed innocence so I saw only one thing to do. And I did it. Transferred the offensive crumbs to Pan’s cot and then lay down, at peace with the world in general. Pan returned to the fold and she and Kim. went through the fascinating process of curling their hair. I kept my eye open till Pan made the great discovery and then I drifted off to dreams — at approximately 1:30 a.m. Kim. said later — the next morn to be exact — that she was talking away and looked around to see both Pan and I sound asleep. Rather disconcerting.