Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

It rained quite hard during the night and every time I woke up it was cloudy and dreary looking. My left ear was so full I could barely hear — most unpleasant. At 8 Mrs. Young woke us and Kimmie and I got up. The sun and blue sky were trying to chase away the clouds and everything looked green and fresh and clean. Kim. and I dressed and went down to breakfast. Pan eventually joined us — in body but not in spirit. We feasted on waffles and I do mean feasted! Mrs. Young kept bringing them in and Kim. and I kept gobbling them up. We got off for Sunday school about 9:45. It was clearing but there were still plenty of rain clouds around. We were a little late. Mr. Ahler took Sunday school ’cause Pop left for Nashville — Legion convention — this morn. We three went in Miss Mellie’s class. We told her beforehand we’d have to leave early. The lesson was on temperance. We quietly departed about 10:30 and walked down to the Christian Church. Were actually early. Mrs. Mary Anna Jean Davis was there — she’s going to teach out at school this year. She looked so pretty. Everyone was greeting her. We went in and sat with Betsy. Mary sat with hubby. The new minister made his debut. Name Weaver. Youngish, short, blond. Gave fairly good sermon but raised his voice too much and talked in abstractions. After service Mary joined us again. I felt ever so good — life and the future seem very promising at the present. The result of my thinking her [?] Friday night — and Rochester and Buffalo are pleasant thoughts. We stood outside at the top of the steps and talked. Miss Staples and I exchanged a few words. I could hardly hear a thing and felt very silly. Bette Rose Harding came up and greeted me like a long-lost friend and extended a very hearty invitation to “come up and see us.” I nearly dropped my teeth. We made it to the sidewalk finally and then all piled in Mary’s and Horace’s car and drove up to Kimmie’s. Mary, Pan, Mr. Young and Horace sat out on porch and read funnies. Kim. helped her Mother and I hovered around. Dinner was eventually served — oh yes, I called Mum to see how she was faring — all was going well and she was having a wonderfully restful day all alone. I was placed next to Horace with the other 3 girls across from us. Yummy dinner and we all had fun. The men folk adjourned to the porch after the feast and we women sat around and talked. Mrs. Young and Mary discussed the bank and possibilities of Mary’s getting the job. Mrs. Young is so sweet — oh, everybody is! I loved the whole wide world! Mrs. Young wouldn’t let anyone but Pan help with the dishes. Kay came down and we all went out in the front yard where Kim. took pictures of all and sundry — poor Horace being featured in just about every one. Then we sat out there and talked. Betsy came up, dressed for tennis and soon Bob S. and another boy. Pan joined them and they set out for the courts. Horace left us, in gales of laughter, and went up to the Arnolds’. Mary suggested going out to Swan Pond for a swim so we went up to Kimmie’s bedroom to get my suit case. Then Mary got interested in the annual and I in some old letters of mine that Kim. had saved. Out in the yard they all said I wrote the most interesting letters. Kim. said she used to read mine to all the girls at school and Mary said Horace always got a kick out of reading them. Oh, gee! Well, letters are about the only things I like to write. Meantime dark banks of clouds had come up and it looked very much like rain. About 4 we left. Mrs. Young wouldn’t let Kim. go in swimming and Kay couldn’t but Mary and I left them to change their clothes and she drove me home. Mum came out to the car and they talked about the picnic, etc. while I put on my suit, quicky-quicky. Then Mary and I drove down to the apartment only to find it locked and remembered that Horace had the key. So we drove up to Arnolds’ and Horace came out. Mary and Sarah also came and we talked. Wanted them to go, too, but they couldn’t. Sarah’s husband is very nice looking. Kay (in shorts) and Kim. joined us and we drove down to the apartment where Mary put on her suit. There was a sudden sharp shower and then the sun came out. We piled in the car again and drove out to Swan Pond, out past Joneses’ to a place where there was water on both sides of the road. It was raining with a vengeance then but Mary and I bravely went forth. The water was nice but the rain cold. I’ve always wanted to go swimming in the rain. Presently it stopped and blue sky and sun reappeared. Kay came down to the muddy beach and played with a tiny dead fish. A man loaned us 2 inner tubes and Mary and I had great fun. She says that their (she and H.) greatest vacation ambition is to build a cottage at Oliphant and spend their summers there. At first I thought I wouldn’t try anything fancy but since the rain soaked my hair I thought I may as well finish the job. Kay was quite impressed with all the strokes I knew. She said my overhand was very smooth. Glad to hear that. Mary and I nearly wore ourselves out and when Kay informed us it was 6 we came out without a murmur. I curled my hair on the way back. It had all cleared just about but was muggy and steamy. Let Kim. and Kay off and Mary drove me home. Mum and I had supper and I dressed for church. My hair was still wet and completely devoid of curl but I went merrily down to Kimmie’s. She, Pan and I walked down to Methodist church. Mr. Brewster had a headache so Mr. Briggs preached again and it was such a short sermon that I was left with open mouth when he abruptly terminated it. After church we talked to Margaret and Roby and Made arrangements for the show tomorrow night. Roby and I beat each other up again. The Hudsons wanted to drive us down to the Christian church but we thought we’d benefit more by walking. Church was just over. I asked Miss Ivy about the knitting needles and she said she’d get them. Kay and Betsy came out and we talked. They thought my hair looked pretty!!!! Mrs. Massey was very sweet and friendly. We went over to the Hills’ and Mis Ivy got the needles for me. Pan and Betsy went down to the diner. Kay, Kim. and I followed after but decided we weren’t hungry so went up to Kim’s and rested on the porch. Mr. and Mrs. Young were out for the evening. Kay and I inevitably got off on Stephens again. About 9:30 we set out for my house. As we were passing Mother Lane’s, Mum called out that she was there. I asked them in and we had cake and fruit juice. Pan called to say she’d be right up, with instructions for Kim. to wait. We read the funnies. Mum came. But no Pan. Finally Kim. gave up and they set out for home. What a day! My ear was most uncomfortably full but otherwise I was on top of the world.