Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

(m) Well, it happened. I guess swimming yesterday brought it on. To work at 8:30. Did a deed and then Mr. H. left for Wartburg to be gone till noon. I went over to Dr. Hill’s and had my ear blown out. Everything sounded so loud. Betsy was there, helping her granddaddy. It was a clear, hot August morn. Just as it should be. Back to office where I stood it as long as I could. Finally called Mum and told her I was coming home — with a bad case of the cramps. Left about 10:30. Thought I’d never make it home. I lay down on Mum’s bed and she went over to see what Dr. McClure would recommend. Aspirin and hot water bottles, which I was immediately afflicted with. By noon I felt considerably better but rather washed out. Good dinner. Pinned my hair up and looked a sight, but it was cool. Clure was leaving just as I was so we walked down together. Mr. H. didn’t come in till nearly 2:30 but he had returned from Wartburg at 10. So I explained my absence and he was very solicitous about my health. I read the Wodehouse book and nearly died laughing. We did a few papers. Left at 5. Deposition tomorrow. Felt as if cramps were coming any minute but they never did — the aspirin, I guess. Mum persuaded me to lie down. Which I did, in her room, and nearly went to sleep. Lovely and hot out. I love August days. Supper and bath and about 7:15 I left for town. Stopped by Kimmie’s. Mr. and Mrs. Young left for show and Pan waited for Betsy. About 7:30 Kay, Kim. and I walked down to Princess and found Margaret and Roby waiting for us — per usual. Got 5 seats together. I sat between Margaret and Roby and Roby and I held hands — tut! tut! Saw Ida Lupino and Paul Henreid in “In Our Time.” Excellent. Best picture I’ve seen in ages. The presence of P.H. might have had something to do with my enjoyment of it! Ida Lupino was splendid, as was the whole cast. Out about 10. Kim. didn’t like it but the rest of us did! Said ’night to Hudsons and walked up to Kim’s. Mrs. Young suggested watermelon so we all went into kitchen and feasted. Just as we were finishing up Pan and Betsy arrived and put on another show. Kay, Kim. and I set out for my house and soon B. and P. caught up. Beautiful night, though hot. More Stephens. There was a light in Ashely’s room for the first time since he left and I nearly burst into song. We made enough noise in the front of my house. All parted after wonderful evening. Found Mum on the porch, cooling off. Got ready for bed in the dark. To bed about 11. Saw George go in direction of Ashley’s room and then heard faint murmur of voices. I knew he was home and was happier than ever!!