Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Very hot and sultry. Fairly busy in morn. Mrs. Goodman was in again with more property troubles. Mr. H. has fervently expressed the wish that she would sell all her land and end his troubles. Good lunch. Mrs. Bowman drove me back. Went to Pop’s office and got mail from Jean. Met Kay and walked up to corner with her, since I was back early. Then met Betsy. She had gotten some mail too. We talked a minute. She’s going tonight. Letter from Miss Good Smith, another card from Jean Mac, letter to all from Betty’s parents, and a card to Mum from Mary Jane, accepting invitation to come for a visit soon. She’s with her granddad at Crab Orchard. Busy after lunch. About 3 Mr. and Mrs. Clinton came, Judge Ellen and Judge Stone and we took Mr. Ellen’s deposition. Clinton’s is postponed till Thursday. I read over my notes but will wait till later to type them. Very hot. Left a little before 5. Went to library and got Code of the Woosters, having finished the other. To Golden Rule for a cake and to Acme for some things. Visited with Mrs. E.E. Jones there. To P.O. and then home, loaded down. Practiced a little, cleaned up and dressed. Mum put up my lunch. Getting cloudy and hazy. Sun a red ball in the sky. Dressed in slacks and pajama shirt! About 6:30 Mum and I left. Talked to Mrs. Mildred a minute. She has a seat that we can have for our Y.W.C.A. rooms. Lovely evening like Oliphant. Mum went on down to the show and I stopped at Kim’s. Kay came down and she, K., Pan and I set out for library. Mary drove by and stopped. She had been to see Dr. Neergaard and he says no working for 2 months, else she’ll be laid up a year! So no bank, I guess. There was quite a gathering on the library steps. Mary Lou hailed me with, “I know what time you went home last night.” My laugh doing the betraying act again! Miss Walker introduced me to Miss Betty Belk, the new sponsor. Marcia was there. Betsy, Nancy Wallace, June Smalley, Josephine Livingston, Marguerite Miller, Jo Rutherford and others. The truck was waiting but no hay or anything resembling hay was to be seen. No could get. We waited till 7:15 and then all piled in. Kim. and Mary Lou sat up near front all nice and cozy. Pan, Betsy and Kay stood up and very nearly blew away during the course of the ride. We stopped by the city hall for a red light and I looked up to see Nancy, June, Mildred Norris and a Strunk girl talking to — Ashely!! They were sitting at the very back — the most popular seats. I nearly disgraced myself at first sight but got things under control in time. He didn’t see me. They waved ‘bye to him when we started on. My cup was overflowing. We went flying and bumping along and the cloudy sky was so lovely with pink-tipped clouds here and there. It was glorious. We picked up 2 boys in a jalopy who trailed us, showing off, all the way out there, where Miss N. invited them to leave us alone. We parked just beyond the bridge out past Bowman’s where Mum, Pop and I came last summer. All piled out and went across road to water’s edge where the swimmers found a fairly nice, though muddy, spot to take a dip. Kim, Mary Lou and I took a walk on the rocks under the bridge. Followed by Josephine L. and another girl. Saw a dead turtle. Walked around under bridge where we sat ourselves down and turned our attention to throwing rocks in the water. Kim and Mary Lou were sharing a rock and I got one of my fiendish ideas which I immediately carried into effect. Viz. knocking their heads together. Well, you should have heard the crack — I feared for a moment for their recovery but when I saw them coming out of it I just overflowed with sincere apologies. They proceeded to beat me to a pulp but all in a spirit of fun! 🙂 We took the road going back. There was a glorious breeze and the cloudy sky was so near. We followed the crowed down to the beach — composed of mud and pebbles — where Miss Walker was coaxing a fire from a pile of sticks and papers. Kim, Mary Lou and I sat down on a big log and opened our picnics. I was starved. It was dark by then and the wind made waves on the lake. Others joined us on the log. Betsy had an inexhaustible supply of “Cline” sandwiches which she was begging people to sample! After filling ourselves to capacity we put the lid on with generous pieces of watermelon. Then we cleaned up and put the fire out. I was elected to fill my coke bottle from the lake and administer the final dousing. It was dark and I didn’t gauge the distance right — with the result that I just waded in a few inches and came out with muddied feet. About 9 we all piled in the truck and started back. Kim, Mary Lou, and I sat up near the front again and we all sang all the way. It was so much fun and I felt so warm and friendly and happy. Got back to library all too soon and unloaded. Kimmie and I insisted upon walking Marcia home. Kay and Mary Lou joined us and we had a gay time. We’re going to go on a hike some afternoon and bowling or skating before Marcia leaves. Left Mary Lou at her house and Kim. and Kay walked on up with me. I felt so good. Oh, this has been a wonderful day! Ashley is back and everything is perfect! Lovely, cloudy night.