Hot but nice. Fairly busy day but I read Wodehouse and burst some more blood vessels. Mum came down to Red Cross in afternoon. Mr. H. let me go about 4:30. Got Pop and he drove Mum and I home. Mum stopped to see Mrs. Burgess. It was exceedingly warm. I washed my hair and dried it in the Manse backyard. I love these end-of-summer days, though I’m sorry that another summer is almost over. It was so still and sort of warmly quiet back there — except for the children’s voices next door. I had some thoughts that lifted me spiritually to the far-away clouds and I felt closer to the Christ who was both man and God than ever before. Good supper. Then played piano and Pop sang a few numbers. Dressed for Red Cross and left about 7:30. Kay, Kim and I went down together. Mrs. Massey and other ladies there. Big ones again. Kim and I made 100 — our goal. Helped tie them. Mrs. Massey drove us home about 10. Ashley came in just after I got in bed. He had a long-distance call. He has such a tousled, boyish look — all my good resolutions sickened and died and when he went into his room and closed the door I felt so restless and empty inside. But a few bracing thoughts revived me. This is about the worst of hopeless crushes I’ve ever had!