Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

One of the best days of the whole summer. I reached a new high. Not so very hot at first — lovely morning. About 9 Mr. H. and I went down to see if Mr. Clinton and co. were ready to go to Kingston. He was standing on the corner talking to some men. Judge Stone was the missing party and was holding up the works. I got in the car and Mrs. Clinton and I talked. She’s nice. At last J. Stone showed up and he and Mr. H. piled in the back seat with me, making quite a load. Drove over to Kingston. Mr. Clinton is such a jolly man. We sat in the courthouse about a half hour till a Mr. Liggett could be rounded up. Then went in a room with a desk and took his deposition. Didn’t take 10 minutes — after all that waiting! About 11 we were ready to make the return trip — but Judge S., who had to see a man. We all could have shot him. I sat up in the front with the Clintons — it was more comfortable. Mr. H. was getting in the back when he hit his head on the top of the door casement and it knocked him backwards. His hat fell off and his pipe disintegrated. He had picked self and appurtenances up before I knew what was happening. Since no harm was done, it was very funny! And on the way back the wind blew Mr. C.’s hat into the back seat! Back about 11:30. Mr. H. went to see a squire. I read over my notes and then read Wodehouse till dinner time. Pop out of town. Got home to find a letter from Rochester, saying I can be admitted in September if my application is accepted and if can find an approved home to live in till the second term. Well, I was so excited I could hardly eat!! Called Kimmie and told her the wonderful news and incidentally asked her to spend the night with me. She accepted and let out several joyous whoops about Rochester developments. Goodness! All the papers that have to be filled out! Then I called Marcia and asked her to go to the show with us tonight. We made plans. I was up about 150 feet on the way back. I’d been planning on not going till February and it seems so funny to think that next month I’ll be off to college again and another summer will be over. The Clintons came back at 1 and we took their depositions around 2. You can imagine what an ordeal it was with skating rink going full blast across the street. Mr. H. said I could leave about 3:30 but I stayed to read my notes. Home about 4. Lovely, hot afternoon. I settled down with the application blanks, etc. Wrote Stephens and Mr. Black and then started on my autobiography. What a pain! I had a dreadful time getting started. I called Mary for Mum and we talked awhile. She has quit working at the project. She and Mum got together and planned the picnic for Saturday. I eventually finished my personal history and read some to Mum in her bedroom. I was afraid it sounded as if I were trying to be funny — honestly, I sounded like Bertie Wooster in some passages! But Mum said not to change a word. She was very congratulatory on the psychological change that has taken place in me — which was what my essay centered on. She said, “You can tell the way the girls say good night to you that they just hate to leave you — you can tell that they love you.” Well, that was a new one, but it made me feel like an even newer person. Yummy supper and I left about 7. Lovely evening — I was at the very top. Got down to Kim’s to find that Mum had called, leaving me word to call her. Seemed I’d forgotten the very important letters. So Kay and Kim. went on over to get Marcia and I mushed radly up to Warriner’s corner to meet Mum with the letters. Was to meet the kids at the show but they hadn’t come yet so I walked up and down and espied them in the distance past the bowling alley and went to meet and greet them. We got 4 seats together at the Princess and saw “Guadalcanal Diary.” Pan and Betsy sat in front of us. A man established himself on Kim’s left and smelled to high heaven. We finally got desperate and moved back a row. Very good picture. Out about 10. Walked home with Marcia. She’s ever so nice. I was right on the beam going back and we had a gay time. It was quite uncomfortably cool. Kay went on home but I stopped in at Kim’s. Sat out on porch and talked to Pan while Kim gathered together her over-night necessities. Just as we were leaving the girls approached Mr. Young on the carnival subject and he said they could go if we got up a good crowd. Kim and I planned to play tennis in the morn before breakfast with Pan and Betsy. Kim. and I said “night” and set out for 722 Cumberland. Just as we were passing Mildred Love’s there was a loud “boo” and little surprise — boy George jumped out from the shadows. I hit the nearest star but came back to earth safely. He had been to the show, too. We kidded and had more fun. We conversed in a Woosterly vein. The light was on in Ashley’s room. I told George about my Wodehouse books and we exchanged a few Wooster specials. Rolled in about 10:45 and told Mum of tennis plans. I was in high spirits and even burst into a few measures of song. Hopped into bed. Kim and I only talked a minute. Ashley and George were in the kitchen having a midnight snack and talking. Nothing interesting passed and they eventually ascended to the bathroom. But my heart did a few acrobatics. To sleep feeling wonderful! Best day! I love people as I never really have before and I want to be with them and be friends. Oh! life is good!