Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Hot but quite breezy. To work at 8:30. Mr. H. still nervous – said it was rheumatism caused by cold – but better. He left for court a few minutes after I got there. I finished the work he left and then wrote the Stevens, Mary Lou, Joan, and Betty Postel. A few people came in. Home at 12 for a luscious dinner. Mr. H. was back at 1. I had a few trust deeds to type. A number of people came in. About 4 a woman whose daughter-in-law (good-for-nothing from what I could gather) had taken her son’s baby and left him. She was all worried and proceeded to pour out all of her troubles, past, present, and future to me while Mr. H. was in conference with some men. She was so nervous she couldn’t sit or stand still. If her daughter-in-law is as bad as she says, she ought to be strung up!! The very scum of the earth. Finally she was ushered in to see Mr. H. and wanted him to do everything right then. He let me go at 5 and said I’d gotten the bad end of the deal! Went to Norris Creamery for cream. On home. Getting cloudy and there was thunder in the distance. Stopped by Walkers’ and talked to Alice Ann and Rhoda. A.A. ran out to see me and she looked so sweet! I went over to Reeds’ to get the platter left there from the picnic but it had been spirited away. The Reeds are packing – they’re leaving soon. At home there were 2 packages for me. One was a lovely set of panties and bra from Aunt Edith and Florie for graduation. And a bottle of perfume from Mary Lamm for my birthday!! Took a bath. Thought sure it was going to storm. I was keeping my fingers crossed but just before supper Earl called to say he’d be up about 7:15. We ate supper and Mum was in a good mood. Dishes and dressed. Pop was home, too. At the appointed time Earl appeared and talked to Mum a few minutes. We departed soon. It was cloudy and threatening-looking. He told me about his week-end in Chicago. We went to the drug store first for limeades. Mary Arnold and some other girls came in – before Red Cross, I guess. Then we went over to the Princess and got seats way over on the side. The theater was awfully crowded. Saw “Sahara” with Humphrey Bogart. It was very good. Good program. In one short the audience was to join in with the singing of some war songs. It was fun. Out about 10. Walked home. Very unromantic! A hazy moon was to be seen. The storm had passed around. Mum was putting the milk bottles out. She wished Earl luck and then Earl and I bade each other a very casual good-night. Whew! that’s over! I’ve done my patriotic duty! To bed late. Guess I have to work tomorrow. Mum and Pop think it’s a crime. George and another boy were out in our back yard with a flashlight. I stuck my head out and said, “Aha, prowlers!” They explained that they were looking for a rocket!!