Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Partly cloudy. Wore green flowered dress. Pop and I went to Sunday school. Kimmie came but not Pan. Sun kept struggling through. Kim and I went in Miss Mellie’s class and the lesson was on Eli and his wayward sons. Miss Mellie brought out once that a lot of time, she felt, things (e.g. in international situations) didn’t work out right because God didn’t want them to!! Imagine people like that going around loose! Well, if that’s the case, let’s just give up and end it all! I almost spoke my mind but thought better of it. Wish I had now, though. After Sunday school Kim and I talked to Ella. I walked down to Kim’s for a few minutes ’cause it was early for church. She and Pan were going to the Methodist. As I was passing the Presbyterian on the way back, Martin yelled out, “Be here at 12:30!” Down to Episcopal where Pop took the service. About 23 out. Walked home and nearly melted. Sun out and very hot. It was 12 then so I mushed radly around and got dressed in bathing suit and slacks. If I say it I shouldn’t, my hair looked very nice — which is something to cheer about. My quicky-quicky lunch consisted of sliced meat and piece of cake! Left about 12:30. Getting cloudy again. Met Ella and brother Bobby down at church. Soon the Ahlers and Bobby Jo came and Mrs. Harvey. We talked and then Ella and I went down to get Kimmie, also clad in slacks. On the way back we spied Kay on her porch and proceeded to persuade her to go with us. We even got her upstairs and practically broken down when she found her shorts and slacks were both dirty. We argued that point another fifteen minutes. But finally gave up and just then Bobby came running down to say we were leaving. So we went without Kay. George and Martin and the others were there by then and Bobby Jo was trying to persuade her Pop to let her drive the car alone, but in the end he went along, too. George and Jack (Navy) Whittacker were going, too, and the Stevens and their cousins from Virginia. We all divided up in different cars. Kim and I went with the Ahlers. Picked up Nancy Speed at her house and were off. We kidded with Alberta. We got there first and the car load of boys arrived a few minutes later. Piled out at same place we had Y.W.C.A. picnic Tuesday night and everyone in bathing suits made a dash for the water. The older ones and the non-bathers sat on the beach. Kim would not be prevailed upon to go in right at first like that so I left her sunning her toes on the shore and waded in. (Ella seems to have transferred her affections from George W. to brother Jack — uniform, maybe?) Bobby Melvin and some other funny people splashed me before I had a chance to duck of my own accord. George came forward with a gleam in his eye but I escaped him. The water was so muddy but when you got out deep it was okay. George and George W. swam way out. The younger fry were fooling around with logs and having great fun. George yelled at me to come on out, which I did. It was very dark and thundery over the lake and I was sure we were in for a big storm. The wind made waves, too, and they made swimming out rather difficult. George was having trouble with the overhand so we went in near shore and I tried to teach him but we didn’t make much progress ’cause there wasn’t anything for him to hold on to. About this time Kim came gingerly in, making faces about the mud her feet were encountering and we played around. Kim tried to hold George under water while I climbed up on his back, preparatory to diving off, but we didn’t coordinate very well. Bobby Jo lent a hand, too, and I actually got up once but fell off backwards before I had a chance to dive! Then I undertook to instruct George in the art of floating but George Whittacker keeps complicating matters and besides George’s feet sink as soon as you let go of him. Then he and George W. made a diving board of their hands and I made several valiant attempts but no soap. Then Millie and Nancy Stevens and Bobby Jo tried with somewhat better results. Kim stayed in till George got her hair wet and then she retired to the safety of the beach. George and I got a big log and rode it. Went out deep and tried to touch bottom. George finally did — he came up once and hit his head on the log! No harm done, though — at least not to George! I couldn’t make myself stay down except when I held on to George and pushed myself. We just about wore ourselves out so decided to go in and rest awhile before swimming down to the bridge — one of my brilliant ideas. We joined Kim and talked. Still cloudy but the storm seemed to have passed around. In a few minutes George and I went in again and set out for the bridge. Kim walked down on the rocks. I never did catch up with George till we got down under the bridge and touched one of the concrete pillars. The water was icy cold under there. Kim went back by the road, hearing that the others were about to eat. George and I started back via the water and George got way ahead of me. I kept steering out to open sea and got way off the track. Began to get a cramp in my leg and was afraid it would be like the one at Stephens so I got out and walked the rest of the way. George said it was permissible as long I had a cramp. They were all lined up for the eats when we rolled in. Hamburgers, potato chips and cokes and watermelon completed the repast. Kim and I sat on a running board and feasted. She said I just had to come home for Christmas — it wouldn’t be the same without me, etc. etc. Well, I hope I can. Presently Alberta came over and wanted to braid my hair. So we sat down and she went to work. George Whittacker came along and, mistaking my hair for rope, undertook to tie various knots in it. Alberta was working under difficulties and I was trying to imagine how I would look with a wig. [End of entry. Pages missing?]