Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

I didn’t feel a bit discouraged about last night. Was going to exercise out in back yard before breakfast but it was raining so I couldn’t. Clure has a large cluster of “sweet summer” blossoms at the end of the driveway. I love them! Worked all morn and finished depositions. Felt so free! Letter from Kathleen at noon with picture of R.A.F. brother Frank enclosed. I read Wodehouse and wrote in diary in afternoon. It just poured once after having cleared at noon but when I left, about 4:45, it was clearing again. Returned book to library and walked up to see Mary. She wasn’t there, though, so I went on up to Kimmie’s. The man at Maxwell’s who is so friendly, spoke to me. Who should I find at Kim’s but Mary. She was just leaving. We walked down to the corner and Betty Turpin came along so we talked and kidded with her. Mary persuaded us to walk on down with her so we did. Encountered George crossing the street at Max’s. He hailed me with, “Marcia, I’m going to play a trick on Kimmie.” Then he whispered that “Rhapsody in Blue” had come, but only one copy. He thought that Kim wanted a copy, too, but she didn’t. Kim and I said ’bye to Mary and went in Max’s and got the music. George said to charge it to him, but the agreement was to go half. Max said jokingly, that George’s credit wasn’t any good. Walked back up to Kim’s. Saw George across the street and he yelled out that he’d be over to see me tonight. Kim and I went up to Mrs. Massey’s to see if plans for hamburger fry had been changed but they hadn’t. Kay wasn’t there. Mrs. M. showed us her coop of baby chicks in the kitchen. They’re so cute. Back down to Kim’s to get my tennis ball. Pan was there and we talked. I departed for home and was just preparing for a bath when there was a knock at the door. Mum couldn’t go so I peered out and there were Mr. McCarter — and Barbara Anne! The little darling has grown so much and has the sweetest face and long, blond curls. She wanted to see Dickie but I told her he had died. Then she went on a search for Mum and found her in the bathroom. Hugs and kisses were exchanged and we all went to the front door. Mr. Mc said B. had come over with Mrs. McC. who would be up to see us tomorrow. Mr. M. said Helen wanted me to come so bad(ly) and Barbara dittoed it. She’s just precious! Well, a little after 6:30 I left and met Kim and Kay up by Mildred Lane’s. Oh yes, a lady called this afternoon to tell Mum that Mary Jane is visiting in Knoxville and will be over a week from Saturday. Yippee!! There was quite a crowd up at the corner but they had decided to eat down at the club room because the park was too wet. Betsy and Pan and the others went on down but Marguerite, Kay, Kim and I waited awhile in case anyone else should come. But nothing materialized so we set out for town. One of Kim’s sandals disintegrated and she had to stop by home to repair damages. Kay told Marguerite and I about a drunk man in the park Sunday and then had to repeat for Kimmie’s benefit. Hamburgers were frying when we arrived. Kay and I had a try at ping pong and I had to risk my neck by pursuing the ball down the stairs once. “Come and get it” soon sounded and we laid to. I consumed 3 hamburgers — and will say that I felt like it. After we had all made pigs of ourselves we sat around and played games. Nancy Wallace, Ann Ray, Jean ?, Pan, Kay, Kim, Miss Walker, Marguerite, Miss Belk, Betsy, Marcia and I composed the party. Had fun. Then we had a short business meeting, after which Miss Belk met with Kay, Kim, Marg. and I about next week’s social gathering. Miss Walker is going to New York Thursday for a month’s vacash. About 9:30 Kim and I got so sleepy that we just had to leave. Miss Walker wished us both luck at college and invited me to come see her in New York. Kim walked up to Marsh’s with me. On home. Pop away.