Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

It poured a couple of times during the night. I had set the alarm for 6:30 but when it went off Mum said I’d practiced so much last night that she thought I should sleep. I was off again till 7. Not raining then but cloudy and damp. When I left for work it was all fresh and blue with high misty clouds but during the course of the morn it rained off and on. Fairly busy. About 11 it just poured but had fortunately stopped by the time I left at 12. Hot and muggy. Had just started dinner when George came over with a fish for my lunch!! I had half of it and it was yummy. I gave him $1 for the music, per agreement. About 12:45 it started to thunder and just poured in torrents. So I didn’t get off till after 1:00. Stopped by office and got mail. Letter from Jean McArthur and one for Mum from Helen Elliott at Rochester. Mr. H. was in conference. The rain had just about flooded the office in general. I opened the letter from Helen E. ’cause I knew it was about Rochester. She knows some of the faculty members and lives near the women’s campus and will find me a home where other girls live as soon as my application is received and accepted! Mr. H. was busy most of the afternoon. I had a few papers to do. It rained off and on but finally stopped. Didn’t clear, though. Mr. H. let me go about 4:15. I went over to the dentist’s to get my umbrella but he was closed. On up to Dr. Neergaard’s and had him fill out the paper for Rochester. He said no more thyroid — he thinks all this metabolism stuff is bunk. I walked down to Mary’s but nobody home so went up by Kimmie’s and sure enough there was Mary up in Kim’s room. I left some things there and went down to the P.O. and sent the Dr.’s paper special delivery. Back up to Kim’s to find them both sewing. We kidded and had fun. Mary was in a cut-up mood and took it out on me. Mrs. Young called out once to quiet it down. Then Mary got my diary (this one) and skimmed through it. She came upon one part about Ashley and we both let out a scream that brought a protest from Mrs. Young to the effect of what would the neighbors think. Mary said “Marcy is in love!” but promised not to say more. Kim wanted in on it but I was firm. About 6:15 we pulled ourselves away. Mary and I walked up to Neergaard’s together. The Geaslands came by just then and drove me up to their house. I told Mrs. G. about Rochester. I got along fine with the conversation. It was clearing again! Mum and Pop were at supper. I persuaded Mum to go to the show — “Buffalo Bill.” So about 7 she and Pop left — Pop to a Legion meeting. I did the dishes and dressed. Was just preparing to leave when George appeared and wanted to know what was on the program for tonight. I refreshed his memory that Kim and I were going skating and he looked very distressed. He contends that if no one patronizes the abominable place, it will close down. He helped himself to gum and consented to go down with me. We set out and met Alice Ann in front of her house. She hailed me as we passed with the usual “Hi, Marcia Jean!” She wouldn’t talk after that, though — I guess George’s presence made her shy. And when I said bye her answering “bye” was barely audible. But the minute our backs were turned she called heartily enough, “Bye, Marcia Jean!” Bless her heart! Kimmie was upstairs getting dressed so George and I sat out in the porch swing and talked about books in general. About 8 Kim appeared and we talked a few more minutes. We’re all ready to go back to school. I feel so stale and rusty — mentally, that is. When I think of all those books I was going to read this summer!! George tried again to dissuade us from going skating but we would only promise not to if there was a crowd on the floor. Well, we got down there to discover that the place wasn’t even open. Frankly, I wasn’t sorry. So we walked back up to Kim’s via town, went in and played classical records and looked at magazines. Then we played some of Pan’s dance records and I tried to teach Kim the fundamental foxtrot step. Mrs. Young was in the kitchen canning peaches. George roared every time we fell over each other or got entangled! We were just going strong when Pan, Ann Ray and their escorts came a knocking at the door and Mum was out on the sidewalk suggesting that I come home. I didn’t want to leave but George was ready. It had been raining quite hard but was only sprinkling then. Kim loaned us an umbershoot and George and I shared it. Mum had missed Pop somehow at town. She liked the show. Bright flashes of heat lightning kept lighting up the sky and George had the willies every time. Met Pop with car up at Tarwaters’. Mum got in but George and I walked on. He said he was pretty sure he’d be going with us Sunday. I said we’d be delighted. Mum and Pop beat us by a second. We said ’night and I retired to bed.