Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Up at 6:30 and practiced. Hot, but nice day with hazy summer clouds. No work all morn. Mr. H. had a boy come to clean up the office. It certainly needed it. I learned part of my missionary talk for tonight. Mr. H. let me go at 11:30. Lovely noon time. Seemed more like early morning. Was all through dinner by 12. So took a nap till 12:30. Back at 1. Mr. H. had gone out to try a case. The boy was cleaning my office so I sat in Mr. H.’s and read my book. Called Mary and we talked a few minutes. Mr. H. returned. Mr. Littleton from the bank came up and as he was leaving he told Mr. Harris he was mighty lucky to have Miss Marcy — and Mr. H. said yes, I was the best stenographer in the whole state! Hmm! Did one paper. Mrs. Harris came in around 5 and we talked. Just about sneezed my head off. Met the Hudsons up at P.O. and we made plans for the show tomorrow night. On home. Hot. Mum and I had another argument about my being out every night and being so easily led by people — Kimmie at present. Parents can be so obtuse at times. Then Mother said she was afraid to go to the doctor ’cause he would make her go to bed and she just couldn’t. Talk about my being silly!! Well, she never has taken care of herself so I don’t suppose she’ll start now. Mum said it would be fatal if I got a crush on a boy at Rochester — I agree! But it isn’t likely if I have enough to do to keep my mind off such foolishness. Mum was talking to Mrs. Sadler yesterday and Mrs. S. said that when Mr. S. found I was working for Mr. H. he said he wished he’d known I was available before ’cause he wanted me for a private secretary!! Oh, heck! the pay would have been more, the hours shorter, and Kay was there!! However, I dare say I’ve gotten better experience in a lawyer’s office. Took a bath and Mum and I talked. Woke up at 6:25 and flew madly around. Grabbed sandwiches and was off for the church supper. Met Kimmie on her way up — here I’d told her to be on time and I was late!! Borrowed eating utensils from her ’cause I’d forgotten mine. On up to church basement where 2 long tables were set up, decorated with pretty late-summer flowers. And a third one bedecked with food! Mrs. Winston welcomed me like an old friend and I kidded with her as if she were Kimmie. Nancy Speed was there. We 3 sat outside till they were ready. Poor Nancy was so nervous — she had to give a poem and was sure she’d forget it. Went in about 7, got our plates and served ourselves. Mrs. Kirkpatrick was ever so friendly. Mother Lane and Mrs. Julian were having fun. Little Nancy Rodgers was there with her grandmother. Quite a few people but not as many as expected. We sat at one of the tables and stuffed. Everything was so good. Poor little Nancy, though, could only down a few bites. She was so scared! The Sigmons arrived and Mr. S.’s nephew, a very interesting young man. They sat across from us. Then the Ahlers entered in a body with more food. Followed by Ella, a meat loaf and Jack Whittaker. After a 2nd glass of tea-punch Nancy and I went outside and she recited her poem again. We went back to the table and the program got under way. Mrs. Rodgers gave a short talk and prayer and then the collection was taken. Next thing I knew I was on the program. I really wasn’t scared and kept my voice down very nicely, I thought. I tried to read as if I were talking to them and everyone seemed interested. Then Nancy arose and apparently didn’t trust herself cause she read most of the poem, bless her heart. Ella was next. She whispered to me beforehand that she didn’t see how she’d get through it, she had the cramps so bad. She half-read and half-told two missionary stories which were announced as short but turned out to be pretty long. She gave them very well. And that completed the program. Lots of people thanked me and spoke of how well I had done!! Then we gathered up our debris and left. Just a little after 8:30. Nancy and I walked down to Kimmie’s and the former called home only to find that her parents had gone to the show. So we fooled around at the piano and Nancy just about wore Kim and I to a frazzle. She asked me when I was going to get married!! A thought, that! 🙂 A little after 9 we walked to town with her. Met Pan and Betsy returning from a quiet evening at Marcia’s and laboring under the delusion that it was an hour later. Left Nancy in their car. Kim walked home with me, with Pan and Betsy trailing close behind. We sat down on our curb and rested our weary bones. Light in Ashley’s room. Heard George and his bass horn. Betty and Pan yelled and he emerged. We all kidded. Then Clure came out and joined us. The girls left and George walked with them. Clure went in to see Mum a few minutes. Pop had just gotten home. I got to bed early for a change. I wonder if the best is yet to come — on the Ashley front — everything seems to point that way, but I don’t know. My affections have cooled considerably. Guess I’ll live!