Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

A nice morn. Quite cool. Up at 6:30 to practice. Felt a little depressed in morn. No work at the office. Read So Little Time and wondered again about war. Will we forget this war as we did the last one — a few months after the peace? Jeffrey Wilson is always feeling that he doesn’t belong and is wondering how he ever got there. I used to wonder the same thing but not anymore. His life seems so empty — of everything except question marks. And Madge is so tiresome. Saw Horace at town at noon. Mrs. McClure had called inviting me to a spaghetti dinner tomorrow night. Good dinner — okra. Mum read me some articles by Ernie Pyle. Oh, war, war, war!!! Not busy in afternoon till Mr. Pearson came in and then I took a paper in the Eddington matter. Felt better. Mr. P. is so friendly and nice. I hate to tell Mr. H. that I might be leaving next week. Some men came in at the last minute and we didn’t leave till 5:15. And I wanted to get off early to wash my hair!! Over by the Acme I met Margaret and Roby. They can’t go to the show tonight because they have to get ready to go to Knoxville tomorrow. Went up by Norris Creamery and got some ice cream. Lovely afternoon. Seemed fallish for the first time. Took bath and Mum and I had good supper. Mary called to say they could go to the show. Washed dishes and dressed. Heard Ashley singing next door. It was quite cool and really seemed like the fall. Left a little after 7. Kay was down on Kimmie’s porch. We sat and talked a few minutes. Kim and Pan were upstairs dressing. Kim is so slow! Kay and I walked on down and met Marg. and Roby. Soon Kim. came and we went in. Marcia was going later with Pan and Betsy. Sat in the balcony. Very few there at first but it soon filled up. Saw “Two Girls and a Sailor” with Van Johnson. It was so cute!! Jimmie Durante, Jose Iturbi, Gracie Allen, Harry James and others made it even better. The girl who played “Patsy” was the kind of person I want to be. About 8:15 who should come hunting for a seat but June Smalley and Ashley!! They passed in front of us a few times and eventually found a seat up in the back, after Ashley had fallen up a step and caused a good deal of amusement! There were shorts galore and we didn’t get out till 10:30!! Three hours! We were all planning to go to the diner afterwards but it was too late for me — ’cause Mum was alone again. The Hudsons were waiting for their daughters and they insisted upon driving me home. To bed about 11 — Mum wasn’t mad when I had a good excuse for being so late. Ashley got in some time after 11:30 — I just happened to wake up. Quite cool. Felt very good at the show tonight. Ashley doesn’t really matter — he’s just a passing fancy that’s made the summer more interesting. There is so much, much, much to do in the way of trying to be a better person, in striving for perfection and higher things. Growing hurts sometimes but I never want to stop.