Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Very cool in morn. Up at 6:30 to iron. Didn’t wake Mum. Got breakfast and accomplished quite a lot. Sun beautiful coming up behind the Waterhouses’ green trees. Nearly froze all morn. Cool breeze. No papers but helped Mr. H. figure up rate payments. Read So Little Time and felt sad. Good dinner. Spent a good part of the afternoon on those darn payments. Finally got them correct and I copied all the figures. Clouds disappeared and it was all blue and beautiful out my window. Felt good in afternoon. As we were leaving I broke the news to Mr. H. that I might be leaving next week. He said, “You mean permanently?” He expressed regrets and said he’d see that I got the extra money for those depositions. Went to library to renew book. Warmer and nice. To P.O. to find letter for Mum from Mary Jane and one from Helen telling me how to get the right bus Sunday morn. But, of course, her daddy will tell her of the change in plans. On home to find Mum just returned from a shopping spree at the new super-market — the White Store has opened. She got lots of things. Ironed some clothes and then took a bath. Dressed and left about 7:40. Pop got home just as I was departing. Kimmie and Pan were dressing so I sat on porch and talked to Mrs. Young. Betsy came and looked so pretty. She and Pan left and finally Kimmie appeared, having taken the better part of 2 hours to get ready! Her mother cannot fathom it. We caught up with P. and B. and walked over to McCluens’. Marcia greeted us and Merlene Hickman was there. We sat around and talked. Pan and Betsy kidded me about hearing me way up at the tennis court, singing at my house!! Early in the morn, at that! Ella was due but we decided not to wait since it was getting late. Went out in the back yard — nice view of railroad, highway, mountains and river. We served ourselves to spaghetti, sauce, crackers, pickles and iced tea. Yummy!! Ella arrived soon, looking very pretty and Mrs. Thelma McCluen joined us. Betsy and Pan were in hysterics most of the time. The moon shone brighter through the trees above as it got darker. Seemed so fallish and lovely. Topped off with watermelon. It was dark and quite cool by then so we went in and up to bathroom to rinse our hands. We all weighed and I hate to admit it but the scales revealed my poundage to be 140!! Of course, that included 3 helpings of spaghetti and accessories and a goodly slice of watermelon, so I took heart. Then we all went down to the living room and Betsy played boogly-woogly. Pan and I tried to do a rhumba to the music but it didn’t work so hot. Then she and Merlene jitterbugged. Mrs. McCluen suggested a card game — Liverpool Rummy. So we all gathered around a card table and went to it. I caught on after the first game — which is quick for me. It was fun but just about every time I was ready to lay down Ella and someone near me would go out and I’d be left with a score up in the 80s or 90s. Jimmie Giles, soldier, came during the first game and Merlene left. I had the highest score — which is bad — when we finished. Played another game. The telephone rang and it was Mum — and the time was after 11!! My goodness, I never guessed it was that late. The other Mrs. McCluen told Mum they’d drive us all home. I remarked that she was probably standing on her left ear and everyone thought it was a great joke. So we finished that round and if I remember correctly, I came in last again, having had a repetition of the foul luck of the first game!! We all wrote down our addresses for Marcia and then piled into the car. Fun driving home. It was unpleasantly cool. Mrs. Thelma drove me home first and I said ’bye to Marcia, glad we’d met, sorry she was leaving, etc. and she promised to write. Must have been around midnight. All quiet at 722 Cumberland and I was in bed in a jiff. Stars all out — beautiful night. Wonder if Ashley is still here.