Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Beautiful but hot with great banks of clouds. When I first woke up I had a very let down feeling but took myself in hand and by breakfast was beginning to feel free and wonderful again. I honestly hope I never see Ashely again. As far as I’m concerned he’s in Arabia now. In fact I have a dread of seeing or speaking to him again. That is cowardly, I suppose, but I can’t help it. At 20 till 10 Mum informed me that the clock was right and not 20 minutes fast as it had been yesterday! Oh fine! And here I wasn’t half dressed! Flew around and got to Sunday school right in the middle of the orchestra’s special. Wore my Easter dress and hat. Kimmie and Pan were there and we all went in Miss Mellie’s class. Discussed woman’s place in national life and had fun. After Sunday school Kimmie and Pan went down to Methodist Church. I stood and talked to Martin and Alberta. The former hooked me into leading at Christian Education and the latter found the book of programs, from which I could choose. Went down to Episcopal Church. Nearly everyone was standing outside talking, Mum and Pop included. The Rockwells were there with their nephew from Canada. I was introduced to “Reggie.” He’s 19, blond and a bit short but nice looking. He’s studying medicine and wants to get in the service but Joe Rockwell advises him to go on with his studies as long as he can. He’s very sensitive about not being in uniform and the Rockwell girls are afraid he’ll think people are talking about him even here. Sure enough one of the Misses Agres (?) tactlessly asked him if he wasn’t in the service, when she could plainly see he wasn’t. Some people! Worthington read an excellent sermon and there were 22 out. Hot walk home. Dinner about 1. Wasn’t hungry. Heard Wings Over Jordan. Read paper. Picked out program for Christian Education. Dishes. About 3 I went down to Kimmie’s. She was in the act of taking a picture of Pan and Betsy. Then she cornered me and snapped me reclining in a green chair of Mr. Young’s manufacture. Betsy thought my dress was cute. They left and Kimmie took me upstairs to remove some green paint I’d contracted from the chair. Then we sat out on the porch and listened to the radio. Soon Roby and Margaret arrived (Kim took a picture of the 3 of us) and we all talked — R., M. and I about our jobs. Kimmie served us fruit juice and Pan’s cake. Little John Rainwater came over and was the center of attention for awhile. Then Kay came down. We went in and listened to records — one, “His Rocking-Horse Ran Away” was so cute! Then Kimmie, the Hudsons and I went down to the Acme for Mr. Young. Ray stayed behind with Pan and Betsy who had returned. About 5:45 I left and met Mrs. Geasland in the act of departing. We discussed the Betty problem and Mrs. G. doesn’t think I should feel apologetic for Betty’s supposed discourtesy to her. She was very sweet. Mr. G. hovered near and made appropriate comments. Mrs. exclaimed right away about how well I look (she thinks the weight I’ve put on becomes me!) — much better than last summer, etc. etc. Well, it isn’t only physical “health.” Home for supper a bit late. Got down to Christian Education late, too and found the Ablers and and Julian and Alberta, Martin and Kimmie already there. We went in and sang hymns (“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” for one). Bobby Jo and friend came. I cut the programs down cause time was short but we got into some rather deep questions. Interesting. Out about 7:10. I went straight down to Methodist Church and found the choir kids putting on the vestments. Roby got me one and then we all stood around below the choir stairs and waited to go in. Pop arrived. Mrs. Weithers was bustling here, there and yon. Mr. Brewster was in his study. Margaret went in ahead and played the prelude. Then the choir filed in. I sat on the front row just to the right of the rogan. We sang some hymns and then Mr. Brewster asked a Mrs. ? who was a deacon, soon to be ordained an elder, to pray. Well, it was that same lady we saw last week all bedecked in the identical mannish outfit. She carried on for minutes — if she dresses like that because she’s a deacon it’s sillier than ever. My goodness! everybody knows she’s a woman — why try to disguise the fact? Just after the offertory I took over the organ and struggled through the introduction. For an awful minute I feared I had the wrong hymn. Then Pop rose to the occasion and rendered “For Those in Peril on the Sea.” I got along pretty well but was scared to death. Pop sang beautifully as usual. Mr. Brewster got quite worked up over his sermon. Quite a few people in church. A cute boy with Jr. Martin. Pan, Kimmie, George and Clure. Mum said afterwards that she didn’t recognize me for the longest time — fine thing! After church Mum and Pop disappeared. Spoke to different people. Jimmie and I stood outside and talked to Margaret and Roby. Pan left. Mr. Harris hailed me. Mary Lou’s fiance called her from New York this morning — he was wounded in France and sent home. She’s still up in the stratosphere! When Mr. and Mrs. Hudson were through visiting the girls had to go. We went up to the corner with them and George joined us. Made arrangements for show Thursday night. Kimmie is going to her grandmother’s tomorrow, returning Wednesday and then they’re all going to Chattanooga Thursday for the day. I’ll miss her even that short time! Said ’bye and then Kimmie suggested an evening with Mozart. Stopped by the house where the Marshes and Lasasters were supping and got the music. George was burdened with my organ shoes and hymn book. Fun going home. We discussed politics in general. Just before we got started Mum called to say they were at the Williamses’. George helped me unpack my metronome but Kimmie and I had great difficulty playing with it and soon gave up. We struggled (literally) through the 3rd symphony, with George pulling his hair because we went at a funeral pace. About 10 we finished and set out for Kimmie’s. She persuaded us to go all the way and have some refreshment. (Pan was upstairs curling her hair.) George and I sat out on the porch while Kimmie rummaged for cake and fruit juice. The company was playing bridge by then. George and I discussed swimming, how to get a man to propose (!) and various and sundry other things. Kimmie appeared and we kidded and feasted and had fun. George wants me to get “Rhapsody in Blue” and is willing to buy it. I said we’d go 50-50 which suited him. We were just departing about 10:30 when Mary Greer appeared and scared me out of a year’s growth. Horace was parked in the car and called me over. They’d been up at Kay’s and had heard our voices. Jimmie joined us and we stood by the car and told corny jokes. Mary wanted to drive us home but it was late and we said we’d walk. George and I had great fun trying to do all sorts of silly tricks. Mum heard us coming and came to meet us, bearing George’s neglected coat which he had left on the davenport. Tut! tut! We said ’night and parted. Mum and Pop had just gotten home. To bed late. Beautiful night. I’ve certainly neglected my “spiritual life” these last weeks. When I should have been thinking and consciously trying to grow, I’ve been day-dreaming. I knew I should control myself but I just didn’t even try to. And if that’s an indication of what I would do in more serious circumstances, I’d better take myself in hand. I hope I never see Ashley again — it makes me sick to think of it. Well I have only myself to blame.