Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Cloudy in morn and looked like rain. Fairly busy. Mr. H. said he’d give me recommendations any time and that anyone who caught on as quickly as I did could work anywhere. I hope I can work part-time in Rochester. Off about 12. Went to Acme and waited about 15 minutes before H.W. came to see what I wanted. Rush hour. Met George up at Lane’s and we had a minor scuffle. Washed my hair before dinner. Pop came and we feasted. Kim called after dinner to see if she could stay with me Monday night ’cause her mother would be in Oneida and her Pop in Chattanooga. Of course! Cloudy and coolish. Too much like winter. Curled hair after dinner and got heater out to dry it. Ironed and then took a nap about 4:30. In good mood. I have a feeling that Ashley won’t leave this week-end. I don’t really know what difference it would make, though. Mr. McCarter came while I was asleep to say that Helen would meet me in Knoxville. Up at 5:30. Took bath and we had supper. Then packed and was ready to go by 6:45. Wore Easter suit and blue straw hat with veil. Raincoat to top it! Mum and Pop got my ticket. My hair looked nice for a change. Saw Miss Goodwin standing nearby and went over to talk to her. She introduced me to a friend of hers, Alice?, who was going to Knoxville, too. The bus rolled in about 7:15 and Alice and I were the first ones on and sat up front behind the driver. Waved ’bye to everyone and were off. Seemed so wintry. My companion was middle-aged and very jolly — quite a talker, too. She’s traveled a lot in Central America and Mexico. We talked at first but both got sleepy. Bus crowded. Went through Oak Ridge with an armed guard in the bus. It has certainly grown since last summer. And it’s very spread out. The light made it look like a city. Saw quite a few soldiers. It didn’t seem as far as usual between Clinton and Knoxville. Alice got off on the outskirts but I went on in to the bus terminal. Arrived about 9:10. No Helen so I went up to the waiting rooms and cast an eye around. We espied each other at the same time and faded into a bear hug. She seemed smaller than ever. Helen was wearing a new red rain coat. The Byington bus didn’t leave till 10 so we went to a nearby drug store and talked. Never did get waited on. Left about 9:30 and walked down to the local bus stop. Helen said there was a rough bunch on that bus. It was already fairly crowded. We got a seat near the back. With a soldier fore and 3 cut-up little boys aft. They — the boys — pestered Helen and I till the bus started. The soldier went out once and H. and I moved up in his seat, thinking he wasn’t coming back. He did, though and had to sit across the aisle. Then a girlfriend of Helen’s came in and sat with us awhile and talked. Then she sat with the soldier. The little boys moved and 2 older wolves took the seat behind us. Then it started. They kept calling me good-looking and saying my hair was pretty, etc. etc. One of them was Rex. Helen knew him. She finally told them my name and they proceeded to call me Miss Pat. They kept asking questions but I said very little — Helen did the talking. They wanted me to turn around so that they could see my face but H. and I both told them it would be too much of a shock. Then one of the younger boys got Helen’s purse and then her shoe and the bus driver turned out the lights at that point. Helen was across the aisle making an attack upon the enemy and I was left undefended. Rex and friend got too fresh and I brought my umbrella to bear on their heads. It worked! When the driver turned the lights on everyone looked at Helen and I and laughed. H. and I moved up near the front and those wolves followed right after. Rex stuck his head around and raved about my good looks. He raves, anyway. Then one of them got Helen’s purse and really made her mad. After what seemed an endless ride — we reached Grace Baptist Church and disembarked. The bus driver asked Helen who her good-looking friend was. Whew! were we glad to get off that bus! A half-drunk man whom Helen knew got off, too, but we soon out-walked him. The night was awfully dark but we stumbled on and eventually reached the McCarters’ house. All were asleep. We curled our hair and popped into bed and Helen talked about Maurice till we went off to sleep. She hasn’t changed. I guess she’ll always be the same — I’m probably wrong but I feel as if I know Helen inside out. I like her, though, and always will, I guess.