We awoke about 8:30. Cloudy and cool. Heard Mrs. McCarter in the kitchen and presently Barbara, hearing us talking, poked her head in and said “boo”! That started it. We played hide-and-seek and then Helen and I had a good old pillow fight. I had put a handky under my pillow before going to sleep and it wasn’t there when I woke up — in fact, it wasn’t to be found anywhere. Not in the bed, under the bed or in the room. A great mystery which puzzled all of us. Then Mrs. Mc. stuck her head in and welcomed me. We got up but didn’t dress and went in for breakfast. Barbara is so cute. Helen has a lovely brown dog, Jack, and a little bob-tail kitten, Bobby. Afterwards we went in the living room and played the piano. While in the act, Mrs. Mc. entered and said “Look who’s here” and in walked Maurice in his Sunday best. And caught Helen in pajamas, house coat and curlers and me in gown, raincoat and curlers! He’s quite handsome. I retired to the bedroom and dressed and then Barbara and I fooled around a bit. I dried the dishes for Mrs. McCarter. Helen and Maurice were in deep conversation in the living room. Presently he departed and Helen looked tearful. Mrs. Mc. and I decided that he had gotten his call — to the air corps. Helen was rendered speechless for awhile but eventually the gates were thrown open and she informed us that he had to drive some people somewhere but didn’t want to take Helen away from me and was afraid I wouldn’t want to go, etc. etc. He gave Helen the impression that he had gotten his call though he wouldn’t tell her then. Well, Sunday is the only day she gets to see her heart-throb and there it was shot and the possibility of his leaving for good soon. She continued to look tearful till the idea struck her that we could go into town on the 12:30 and do something till bus time since there wasn’t anything to amuse us there. Well, Barbara wanted to go, too, and when she was told she couldn’t, she lifted up her voice and wept. But the bright thought that she might get to go next Sunday cheered her up. She took me out to see the pigs and then we played the piano some more. Helen polished her nails and I polished mine and Barbey’s, too. A bright red — pretty. Mrs. Mc. insisted that we have some dinner before leaving so we sat down again to chicken, okra, bananas and cake, though we really weren’t hungry. I passed out the little gifts Mum had sent and Mrs. Mc. gave me a bag of okra. Oh, yes, once when I was rendering one of the Chopin etudes, Barbara ran into the kitchen and exclaimed to her mother, “She does it with her hands!” Well, I packed, though I’d barely gotten unpacked and about 12:15 H. and I left. Mrs. McCarter wants me to come over and board with them this winter and work on the project if I don’t go to school. Wouldn’t that be fun? Hated to leave ’cause I had just gotten there. Little Barbara’s precious — she’ll be 6 in January. Doesn’t seem possible. Walked over to Grace Baptist and a boy friend of Helen’s came by on his bike and talked. He was cute. The bus was late but finally rolled up and there was Rex with another fella, right up front. We sat down behind them and Rex started in again. Helen told him leave me alone. He eventually did. Some other people got on. The trip seemed much shorter. H. and I got off near Gay Street and walked down to the bus terminal. I checked my bag, hat and umbershoot. Then we went out to wait for the street car to Aunt Ruby’s. That ride seemed short, too. Still cloudy and cool. I felt different at Helen’s and with Helen than ever before. There has been a change. Got off the trolley and walked up to Aunt Ruby’s. Helen and Maurice are pretty serious from the sound of things. They have told each other that they love each other and they don’t date anyone else. But Helen is honest and she’s sensible, I think. At first we thought no one was home but Ruby was there. Everything was closed up to keep the cool weather out and it seemed just like winter. Helen’s grandparents were there, too. We read the funnies and talked and then had some ice cream with chocolate sauce. They have a cute little house. About 3 Ruby and her husband, Helen and I left and walked quite a distance to a trolley. Back to Gay St. Went in a drug store where Ruby called home. Then she and her husband were going out to see some people. She told me to write her and to come see her again. She’s nice. We parted and Helen and I walked around looking for a place to eat. Finally ended up at Lane’s drug store and had a sandwich and drink. There was a whole gang of high school boys and girls in there and they seemed so juvenile. Helen and I sat and laughed at them. I insisted upon paying the bill. It was about 4:45 by then so we went over to the bus terminal to find out what track my bus left on. Then we window-shopped and at 5:15 went to bus station again and I got my suitcase, etc. Helen walked down to the bus with me and we said ’bye. It’ll probably be a year before I see her again. The Harriman bus came in soon and I got on. Not very crowded. One cute soldier but he buried himself in a book. Left at 5:30. Very sleepy. Nice driving back. Went by way of Kingston. Rolled in a little after 7. No Pop so I started walking. Up by Killifer’s he picked me up. The bus was earlier than he and Mum had expected. Still cloudy and wintry-looking. I ate supper again and about 7:45 Mum and Pop left for the revival, where Pop was going to sing. Mrs. Walker had called and wanted me to come for the night. Mr. W. was gone to New York. I took a bath and curled my hair and went up about 9:30, with my nightly necessities in my purse and the alarm clock under my arm. Alice Ann was still awake so I went in and said ’night to her. She looked so sleepy and lovable!! I popped right into bed. Lovely and soft. Beauty-rest mattress. Mrs. W. suggested that I bring Kimmie up tomorrow night and stay here.