Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Up at 6:30 and went home to practice. Cloudy at first. School started at 8:30 — the first chapel and short classes. Oh! how I wanted to be going back! I think I really do want to be a school teacher. Down to office in good mood. Mr. H. had gone to Knoxville to try a case. I read and wrote and thus passed the morn. A few people came in. Home for lunch. Clearing. Mr. H. didn’t return in the afternoon and I got so restless. Called Kimmie and she isn’t going on the Y.W.C.A. picnic on account of her cold. I left about 4:30. Stopped by Kimmie’s a minute and then went up to Kay’s. We talked about Stephens — of all the courses she wants to take!! Made plans for the picnic. I went on home and cleaned up. Sun and blue sky out. It was right that school had started. I love the blue of the sky through the green leaves and the bits of clouds. About 6:30, clad in slacks and bearing my lunch, I went down to Kay’s. She hadn’t made her lunch. Pan came up to buy a book. She wasn’t feeling well so wasn’t going. Mary Arnold came over and about 7 we went down to the library. Only Miss Belk, Nancy W., Betsy and Ann Ray were there. So we decided to cancel the truck and go in Miss B.’s car. Fun driving. Went over this side of Kingston bridge down past the poor house. Parked car and walked to where a table and fireplace and spring were near the river. Almost dark. We gathered wood and lit the fire. Had sandwiches and wieners and Mary passed around a luscious chocolate cake. Moon struggled through clouds ever so often. Afterwards we sang. Kay and I talked Stephens some more. Betsy and Ann Ray gave us a show and we played a rousing game. Left about 9:15 and drove home. Stopped down near Webbo and Betsy said, “There’s Ashley.” And there he was walking down the street with another boy. Miss B. drove us home. I got out at Carson’s and walked on around. Up to Mrs. Walker’s about 10. Tomorrow my summer will end ’cause I’m going to leave the office.