Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

It rained hard in early morn and was still sprinkling when I went home about 7. So I put a bath towel over my head and went barefoot, carrying my red satin slippers and alarm clock. Good thing it was only 7 a.m.!! Ironed a dress. Mum and Pop got up. About 9 Kimmie came and we set out for school. Still raining a little. We waited in the hall till the 9:30 bell to change classes rang. Then we found Mrs. Geasland and spent the next hour visiting her American history class. It’s kindergarten stuff compared with the English history I had last year. But Mrs. Geasland is so sweet and wonderful. They’re awfully crowded this year — need more rooms and more teachers. Mrs. G. had time to talk with us. I told her that I was sure I wanted to be a teacher. Oh! I’d give anything almost to be back in school — as a student but the only way I can ever go back is as a teacher now. Saw Martin and exchanged greetings. After class we looked up Mrs. Bunch and saw Mrs. McCluen. Wanted to see Miss Lucy but she had a library full — George being one of the inmates. So we left about 10:45 and walked to town. The sun and blue sky had struggled through and were chasing away the dark clouds. Went to bank and Mrs. Young cashed my check. Then Kim and I went to Hamilton’s to look at dresses, etc. There was the prettiest coat but the price tag — $83.40 (?) made me turn and run. Then on up to Dress Shop to look at more dresses. Found a cute lavender one but didn’t try it on. Went up by Kimmie’s. Pan came home from school. Then Kim walked home with me to get her comb. Mum put me to work and when Pop came we had a good dinner. He brought a very interesting letter from Betty Laft. She’s going to work in Chicago this year instead of going back to finish at the “U.” of Minnesota. She hated the sorority house she was in. Hmm! Well, I never had much desire to live in one. I was busy most of the afternoon, ironing, dusting, etc. Mum and I discussed my wardrobe and what I’d have to get at Knoxville. I have over $100 saved and have made $150 this summer!! Kim called and wanted me to come down but I was too busy. In late afternoon it clouded up and rained a bit. I phoned Clure and asked her to bring the lavender dress home for me to try on. I went over in Reed’s back yard once after a shower and it has all grown up. The grass is so deep. Have not felt free lately. Couldn’t even recapture feeling there. But then it isn’t something fleeting. Played piano before supper. “Pomp and Circumstance” brought George over for a minute and then Clure came with the dress. They both departed and I tried on the dress. It fitted very nicely and I decided to keep it as a semi-good dress. Could hear George whistling “P. & C.” I took a bath and sang. Saw Ashley in the bathroom. Good supper about 6:45. Pop came. Cloudy and looked like rain again. Dishes and dressed. Went over to Clure’s and paid her for the dress. Light in Ashley’s room. George had gone to band practice. Just as I was leaving Mother Lane came and brought us a lovely bouquet of flowers. We walked up to her house together. Stopped by Mrs. Julian’s and paid her for the garage rent. Then on down to Kimmie’s. She was all done at the table, stuffing herself with the last sweet morsels. Pan was at band practice but Mr. and Mrs. Young were home. Kim and I played Mozart till exhausted and then refreshed with fruit juice. About 9:30 I left and she walked up to Marshes’ with me. On home. Light in Ashley’s room. I just knew he was packing ’cause tomorrow is September 1st. Got my things and started for Walkers’. Sprinkling. I wonder just why Ashley didn’t ask me for a date. He dated Ona, a year younger. And June Smalley, who was in my class. Was I too childish or unfriendly or uninteresting or what? I’d just like to know. Well, I don’t want to have a line — I just want to be strictly honest and sincere. Well, with the summer goes Ashley — he did make it more interesting but I guess it’s just as well he didn’t like me enough. I wonder if I shall ever attract men. To bed right away ’cause I didn’t have to curl my hair.