Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Looked like rain when I got up. Poured during night. The sky was a brilliant orange when I awoke once in early morn but the next minute the rains came. Washed my hair after breakfast and did various and sundry other things. It cleared and showered all morn and most of the afternoon and was lovely. I can’t believe it’s September. Called to see if Kim could go to town with me but she was in the midst of housecleaning. It poured while I was cleaning up but cleared before I left for town. Muggy. Went to supermarket and shopped and then to library for book. Mrs. Goodwin recommended Crescent Carnival. Horace passed in the car and waved so I knew they were back home. When I got home I called Mary and invited she and Horace for supper Sunday nite. His parents had returned with them but she said she’d let us know later. It clouded up again. Good supper. Ashley is still here. Played piano after supper. About 7:45 gathered up necessities and went up to Walkers. Mrs. Walker was just ready to leave for her bridge club. She had Annie tell me the things she had to do at 8:30 in preparation for bed. Annie ran to the door to wave and call ’bye to her “mommy” again but she didn’t seem to miss her after that. We sat on the davenport and drew figures and things with crayons. Just a few minutes after Mrs. W. had left Mr. W. called from New York and Annie talked to him. She was so cute. At 8:30 I asked her what she was supposed to do. I had anticipated trouble but she took it all in the spirit of a game, I think and was in bed in no time. First, however, I showed her how the alarm on the alarm clock worked and she rang it till it ran down. The doll Mary Ann had to be washed and allowed to sit on the toidey seat, too, before going to bed. Then the clock (my clock) had to be brought in and put to bed on a table where Annie could see it, ’cause it was all run down and had gone to sleep. No story or song was requested and no sound issued from the back bedroom the rest of evening. Bless her heart. I read and looked at magazines. Mrs. W. called once and was happily surprised that all had gone so well. Around 11:00 I got sleepy and was quite ready to fall into bed when Mrs. W. returned at midnight. The moon and stars were out but it rained some more during the night.