Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

The night was all too short. Up at 6:30 and went home to find Mum had just arisen. We didn’t get off till almost 9. Paper said fair but it looked like rain when we left. Drove over to Knoxville. Mum and I left Pop to find a parking place and we went straight to George’s to shop. I got a cute pair of suede pumps, heelless and toeless. Only $7.50 — I was afraid I’d have to pay $12 or more. Then up to try on coats. Found a beautiful 100% virgin wool one in an odd but very becoming shade of green. For $59.00. Which was more than I could afford. So Mum said they’d pay $29 of it and I would contribute $30. It’s just what I wanted. The lady who waited on me was sweet. Next tried on black dresses. One was just darling — I hardly recognized myself in it — but the price was $34.00 so it was out!! Tried another cute one though that was more down my line. It has to be altered and mailed. At 12:30 we met Pop at the S & W and had lunch. I love to eat there. I was so thrilled with my purchases so far. Pop went to see “Going My Way” after lunch and Mum and I went back to shopping. Went to an exclusive-looking little shop and found a classy 100% wool dress in a warm rose with lavender and gray insets at the waist. And only $14.95. I never would have thought of buying a dress like that before. But it looked fine on me and certainly flattered my “figger.” Then found a cute black felt hat with veil, black gloves, and went to Miller’s for a pair of brown pumps. Mrs. Dye waited on me. Price was $7.95 — heelless and toeless and just what I wanted. It was quite hot. I went up in the lounge at George’s and waited while Mum did some of her shopping. Then we gathered up our packages (got some pajamas and hose, too) and were just leaving when a storm broke and the temperature dropped 16 degrees. It just poured but we finally made it in relays to the S & W by 6. Rain stopped and sun came out again. Had gotten everything but a black purse and happened to see just what I wanted in a shop on the way. So that was everything and I was practically broke! The earnings of a summer gone in a day! Met Pop at S & W and had supper. Organ music and lots of people. Felt very good. Drove home afterwards. Looked stormy at first but by dark the stars were out and a beautiful bright full moon. We took back roads from Kingston on because the lights from the oncoming cars were so blinding and the traffic was heavy. Home at 8:30. I tried on my new clothes and was thrilled anew. Light in Ashley’s room so he must still be here. Wonder why. But it doesn’t really matter to me now if he goes or stays. A nice feeling. Went up to Walkers’ about 9:30, washed and curled hair. Oooh! I love my clothes.