Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Slept till 8. Woke up to a beautiful clear morning with the sunlight on the green trees. Mr. Walker came while I was dressing and Annie ran in to show me the exquisite doll he had brought her. Home for breakfast. Seemed cool at first but with promise of being a hot day. However, I refused to dress as if it were still summer. Wore a navy suit dress of Mum’s that was too big and had to be pinned, blue straw hat and new black pumps. Felt very classy. The orchestra couldn’t play and Mr. Ahler, Alberta and Millie induced me to play the piano for the hymns. Mrs. Young, Kimmie and Pan came. Their relatives aren’t coming till next week-end. Everyone thought I looked very nice. Oh yes, I got some campus make-up yesterday, too. Pan cut up dreadfully, pinching Kimmie and I till Mrs. Ahler got tickled, too. We stood outside and talked before church. A young minister from near Knoxville preached and was quite good. His wife came, too, and was pretty, though crippled. I asked Kimmie up to see my clothes at 4. George is so funny — sometimes he’ll speak and other times he won’t. Got a ride home with the Winstons. It was really hot then. Mum and Pop came from the Episcopal a few minutes later. We had dinner. Then I dusted and read the paper. Took a bath and put on white jersey — even if it is September! 🙂 About 4 Kimmie and Kay came and I showed them my new clothes and they raved. Then we left for the band concert. Mum was asleep and Pop didn’t want to wake her. Hot but lovely afternoon. Princess almost full when we got there. Seats near the front. Kay and I went out to get some ice cream but there was too big a crowd with the same idea.The concert started about 4:40 with a clash of cymbals by Pan and a roof-raising rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner” by the band. Then followed a program of classical, patriotic and popular numbers. George really went to town on his bass horn in “Auditorium Assembly” (?), a bogey-wogey number that got more applause than any of the others. Martin has improved wonderfully with his trombone. And of course Bobby Rutherford played the cornet just about perfectly as usual. The poor kids looked so hot, though, in their band uniforms — red and white. The last number, Over There, sounded as if they were really going to war. Mr. Skatrud had to hold his hand over one ear. The applause was almost as deafening. Over about 6. That band is something for Harriman to be proud of. Kay, Kimmie and I started home. Beautiful afternoon. Met Mum and Pop in the car up by Methodist church so I got in and we drove home. Helped Mum get supper. The centerpiece on the dining room table looked so pretty. Some purple flowers in a vase with sprays of sweet summer blossoms in a circle around it. We waited till after 6:30 but no Mary and Horace so we decided that they hadn’t gotten back from Watts. So we three sat down to a delicious repast of milk toast, pineapple and cream cheese salad and raisin cake. It was so lovely sitting there with the still summery evening outside and the sweet flowers. I left about 7:15 and went by for Kim and Pan. At 7:30 we went on down to the Methodist church. Sat with Barbara D’Armmond and heard Jean Robinson give an organ recital. Very good. She plays like a professional. It was over about 8:30 and we went right back to congratulate Jean. She was wringing wet. We went outside and talked to the Hudsons. I asked them to go to the show with me tomorrow night. Geneva was with them but is leaving tomorrow. I didn’t recognize her at first. Then Jean came out and we all stood around and talked. She leaves Wednesday for Boston again. Barbara and Betty Bowman joined us. Then Kim and I walked down to the Hiwassee Apts. with them — they were going to have supper with somebody there. Said ’bye. Betty and Barbara are so funny. Every time Betty sees me she asks how much longer she’s going to have to listen to my screeching! Kim and I talked up to her house and I accepted an invitation to have some watermelon. Pan had gotten into trouble for coming home without Kimmie and she was mad at said Kimmie. I wish Kim. weren’t leaving tomorrow. Pan said I wouldn’t come down anymore when Kim. left and I saw a glimmer of light. We met Kay just coming home from church and she and Kim. walked up to Tarwaters’ with me. Kay and I are planning to do a lot of tennis playing this week but we probably won’t. Said ’night and I went on home and to bed. If we don’t hear from Rochester tomorrow Pop is going to send a telegram.