Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Labor Day and Pop has a holiday. Up about 9:15. Nice day. Hot. About 10:30 I drove down to Kimmie’s with Pop. She was almost ready to leave. I gave her a small going-away present. I sat with her while she gobbled down some cake and peaches. She and her pop had an argument about whether or not K. was going to take her umbrella. It got quite heated but I don’t know who won the final round. I went out to the car with them about 10 till 11 and we parted. This summer has been fun — things might be different next year. I went on down to Mary’s to see if she could fix some dresses for me and she asked me to come back for lunch after the dentist’s. So I called Mum and got her consent. Went to dentist’s ahead of appointment time (11:30). Started Crescent Carnival. He took me about 11:45 and I was out of the chair by 12 with a new filling. That’s service! Poor Dr. Adcock, though, this is supposed to be a holiday for him, too. Made another appointment. He was so solicitous and nice. I felt very good. A young man passed me and spoke very nicely and a lady gave me a big smile. Guess I looked happy. It was too early to eat so I washed the breakfast dishes while Mary mopped the bathroom floor and we talked. Then toasted some sandwiches for lunch and had fun. Both Mary and Horace want a baby right away. Mrs. Farmer doesn’t want them ever to have any children — she says she wishes she never had any, which makes Mary feel good, you know. Oh! that woman!! After a hearty lunch we did the dishes and I insisted upon mopping the kitchen floor. Henceforth I shall be able to sympathize with housewives who have to mop. It just about finished me. Then Mary fixed me up with pan-cake make-up, dark powder, dark lipstick, eyebrow and eyelash pencil and I looked like something out of a movie magazine. About 2:30 Mother ’phoned for me to come home and deliver some paper collection pamphlets. Mary drove me up and I showed her my clothes. She was as thrilled as I. Mum gave us some fruit juice. It was so hot. Then I gathered up the clothes that have to be altered and some water jars and Mary and I drove down to Stamers’ spring and got some good spring water. She brought me home and I took a cooling bath. About 4 I set out with the pamphlets and little pledges. Started down at Walden St. and worked up Cumberland on our side. Hardly anyone at home and I had to leave notes. Ran out so stopped by Mrs. Walkers and borrowed a pencil. Annie sat on the steps with me while I wrote them. Then a few minutes later I brought back the pencil and Mrs. W. said just after I’d left they’d missed Alice Ann and found her way down by the alley “looking for Pattie Anne.” A spanking was the darling’s reward but she was smiling brightly by then. I sat out and wrote in my diary. Then played piano. Good supper. Ashley was in the bathroom singing “Night and Day” and other amorous numbers. I didn’t do any screeching but sang what I hope was soft and low. About 7 Mum and Pop left for the Webbo. I went over the Clure’s to leave her a pledge and we talked awhile out on the porch. Ashley was up in his room still singing and I know he looked down once. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, though. Walked on down to the Princess and found Margaret and Roby already there. We got seats in the almost-full balcony and saw Lon McAllister (“Sparkey”), Walter Brennan and others in “Home in Indiana” in technicolor. Lon was just as cute as he was at school. It was very good. A community sing was on the program. Fun. Out about 9:45. Mr. and Mrs. H. were just in front of us. I was to meet Mom and Dad near the bank but they’d gone so the Hudsons drove me home. A storm was coming up. Mom and Dad were out on the porch. I joined them for a few minutes. Then the wind and rain came with heat lightning all around. To bed about 11. A good day. [In upper margin: “Pop sent a telegram to Rochester.”]