Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

(m) Up about 9. Practiced most of the morn and really accomplished a lot. Dragged out a lot of old ones. I think George started to come in once at noon but retreated — probably because I still had my gown on. Pop not home for lunch. I had the cramps somethin’ awful most of the afternoon. Aspirin and hot water bottle had to be resorted to. Mary called about 6 to say she was in the same condition and didn’t feel equal to having me down for a fitting. Kay had called before to tell me about the Y.W.C.A. party tonight and I told her I’d come down after Mary’s. A beautiful day and I felt very close to something in the afternoon when I sat out in the back yard. Just after supper a wire came for me from Rochester saying I’d been accepted as a sophomore and something about music credits!! Well, I hit the stratosphere but made a flash decision to go anyway and try to make up the deficiency and still graduate in two years. It was quite cool when I left about 8 for town. No sign of Ashley. It doesn’t really make any difference whether he’s gone or not but it is more interesting somehow just to know he’s still here. Felt queerly let down and rather scared now that I know for sure I’m going. Met Kay just leaving and we went on down to the rooms. Ella, Marguerite, Nancy and Jean P. were already there — and Miss Belk. Pan, Betsy and Ann Ray came a few minutes later. We played games and then consumed a huge chocolate cake Mrs. Miller had baked and cokes. Party broke up about 10:30. Mrs. Massey drove Ella and Marguerite home and then me. Jak Whittaker gave Ella a Benrus watch — and she’s in love with Clay! Ha! I just don’t like Ella and never have. To bed feeling very low and discouraged and back where I was last spring — almost. If I could only get rid of my self — that is at the root of the whole trouble.