Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Another beautiful day but cooler. Slept late. Thought a long time before getting up. Busy all morn and afternoon. Mary called about 3 and I told her I’d be down after the dentist’s. It clouded up and rained a bit. Went down a little early and waited in office til 5:30! Then had a session in the chair for 45 minutes. It was a bad cavity in an upper tooth and he numbed the jaw. Even so I could feel the drilling. He put a cement base in and it took quite a while. So didn’t get home till 6:30. Clearing. Met Betty Bowman. It was hard to laugh or smile ’cause the numbness hadn’t worn off. Telegram from Helen Elliott saying she’d gotten me a room. Good supper. Then I got ready to go calling. Heard Ashley singing and then making dreadful gurgling noises in the bathroom. Sounded so funny. About 7:30 I started up to Mildred Lane’s but felt oddly frustrated and restless. I wanted Ashley to come out so badly — I really don’t understand myself sometimes. Finally went in, though, and visited with Mrs. Mildred and Mrs. Julian. Mrs. Rodgers came down so I didn’t have to go up to see her. Home about 9 and found Mum and Pop listening to radio. Didn’t feel like going to bed so went over to visit with Clure. Ashley was still there and was apparently not going out for the evening. Clure and I sat in the living room and had a nice talk. She said that Kimmie and I were her “guiding lights” because we were such wholesome girls. Well, I had never thought of myself as wholesome but will try to get used to the idea. Pop came once to see if he could get a room for a girl from Monterey who is coming to be his stenographer. I heard Clure say that Mr. Pace was leaving the 15th. So I guess he’s still going to Arabia. I felt very good though. Left about 10, feeling happy and nice inside.