Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Bright, beautiful day. Called Mrs. Buchanan before work and accepted invitation. Was beginning to think it might not be so bad. Also made an appointment with Jane’s B.S. for a permanent Saturday. Typed deposition all morn and all afternoon. Will finish them up tomorrow, I hope. I like to be busy but not too busy. Off about 5. Walked home, trying to convince myself that I had a stomach ache and couldn’t go after all, but Mum wasn’t to be fooled. Cleaned up, dressed and departed, feeling like a lamb being led to slaughter, at 6:30. Alice Ann hailed me in passing. Dark clouds coming up in west — I took them as an ill omen. Just Mildred Norris and Ruth Jean Irwin and Audrey were there when I arrived. Soon Anne’s visiting roommate, Jeter, came down and we were all introduced. She’s just a painted doll like all those corny kids at Stephens — my first impression. But after while I decided she was really rather sweet and not quite as much sham and put-on as Anne. They all smoked, of course, but heaven knows I’m used to that. But let me say a world about the Irwin monstrosity. She was clad in a sleeveless black crepe cocktail dress with a large sparkling clasp at the low neck plus some kind of rather dingy white pumps. Add an uneven, shiny tan and peroxided hair and you have it. And you should have seen the show she put on — it was as amusing as a movie. The sophisticated cigarette and the sham, sham, sham!!! Amazingly enough, it put me at my ease. June Smalley, Nancy Wallace and Sarah Jones arrived soon. We had tomato juice and crackers on the porch. About 7:15 went in a served ourselves buffet style. Yummy supper! There were tables in different rooms. I sat with Audrey (Anne’s older married sister — 3 children — who is very sweet and not sham), Mildred and June and hardly opened my mouth but to eat. I just felt miserable ’cause I can’t feel at home with them. A girl from Kingston arrived late and she and Anne sat near us. We went out on the porch and talked some more and then Anne suggested the show. So we piled in different cars and drove down. Mildred and I went up to the rest room first. It was about 9 when we all went in and got seats way down front. I sat between Audrey and Nancy. Betsy, Anne Ray and Marcia were behind us. Saw an excellent short (not very short, though) on the battle of New Britain and found out later that one of the doctors in it was our Dr. Louie Killifer! It was so realistic and one felt that the picture that followed, although cute, was trivial and out of place. “What a Woman!” with Roy Russell and Brian Aherne. I had seen it but enjoyed it again. Out about 11:45. Anne drove me home and I said I was glad I had met Jeter and gave due thanks for everything. Never was so glad to get home. Found Mum and Pop retiring to bed. I really wasn’t depressed, though, and felt very good and free, as if I’d just been for an invigorating swim. Didn’t curl my hair but plopped into bed.