Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Hot, bright, breezy. Didn’t do a bit of work all morning. Read Reader’s Digest. Pop not home for lunch. Mum with bad headache. Package from Betty Jeane — belated birthday card, 2 handkies, wash cloth case and leather change purse. But I’d rather she’d written Mum weeks ago. Pretty busy in afternoon but read good detective story. Off a little after 5. Went up to Norris Creamery for a pint of ice cream. On home. Talked to Mum and took a bath. Played piano. Had good upper. Then I went right in and practiced till about 15 till 9. Mum was sewing and George sneaked in and scared me silly. I played for his benefit till about 9:30. Fun. Then we sat around and talked and read funny things in the Reader’s Digest. About 10 George departed. Mum listened to 10 o’clock broadcast and we went to bed. I’ve almost forgotten already but I’m afraid I haven’t convinced myself that he is gone for good. A good day even if nothing wonderful happened. Hot but perfect mid-summer’s day.