Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Hot. Again Mr. H. said we’d have a busy morning and again so many people came I that we hardly did a thing. I read detective stories. Pop got in about midnight and slept in the car. Mum fussed and fumed because he hadn’t woken her up. She gets so excited over the littlest things. I don’t wonder she has high blood pressure! Pop left about 7:30 to be gone till late. At noon I went to Pop’s office and there was a card from Maggie. She’s coming back through Tennessee in September!! Oh yes, at lunch Mum and I discussed the Big Problem agin and all of a sudden I decided on Rochester University. I always have wanted to be in N.Y. state on one of the Great Lakes and although I had my heart set on Washington, this will be ever so much nicer. Near Auntie Edith and Canada, too! Well, I felt better than I have for days and with that and Maggie’s card I hit the ceiling. Mr. H. didn’t come in till nearly 2. I looked through old Rochester bulletins and sent for application blank. Hope I can get in. A great wind got up and blew dust and papers and everything hither and yon. One piece of wrapping paper was whisked up from the alley and deposited on the telephone wires, from whence it blew over on the top of the telephone building. Fairly busy — around 5 especially. Mum was next door at Red Cross. Mr. Stevens came in and he and Mr. H. reminisced. When he’d gone Mr. H. told me about some of his experiences of 40 years ago when he first came here. Off at 5. Mum wasn’t home. Cloudy and looked like rain but cleared. Mum came about 5:30. Had been visiting. We talked and then I took a bath. Had good supper. I sat out on porch and read my big old diary till it was too dark to see. At 8:30 Mum listened to District Attorney and I washed the dishes. Then we walked up to Walkers to cool off but were hotter than ever when we returned. Beautiful starry night with a gorgeous moon. Very warm. To bed about 10. Pop got in just as Mum was locking up at 11. It was almost too hot to sleep. As I was reading my diary tonight — 2, 3, 4 years back I realized anew how far I have come. Other summers — even last summer — I used to get out my diary and read about the “beautiful past” and moon over the fun we used to have and regret growing up. I was as bad as an old grandmother, living more in the past than in the present and thoroughly convinced that the future had nothing so delightful in store as the “good old days.” Now it’s so different — it’s fun to look back and remember but the memories aren’t sad anymore. The past is all a part of the present and so is the future — but I feel now that the best is yet to come. Living over the past was just a part of retreating into myself because I was not a successful person in reality. It made me realize just how great a change has taken place!