Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Up about 8:15. Cloudy. To Sunday school at 9:45. Sat with Kimmie and Pan. Pop acted as superintendent in Mr. Ahler’s absence. We 3 went in Miss Mellie’s class. Not many there. We left right after the lesson because the Christian church starts at 10:45. Stopped by Youngs’ and then on down to Christian church. Dr. Bell’s last Sunday and the church was almost full. We were a little late. Dr. Bell gave quite a long sermon. Various people were wiping their eyes and blowing their noses. Over a little after 12. Saw Miss Staples. Met Mary. She looked so sweet and pretty. Horace there, too. They’re having Dr. Bell and family for dinner. Talked outside with Kimmie and Betsy and others. Mary wanted me to come down this afternoon and go swimming with them but I told her I couldn’t today. Still cloudy and looked very much like rain. Dr. Bell is a wonderful man — he’s been here 20 years and 8 months. The church will certainly miss him. Walked up to Kimmie’s and Pan’s and on home. Passed Grace Smith and Ruth Jean Irwin and we talked a minute. The latter has peroxided her hair and wears it Veronica Lake style. Total effect very corny. Good dinner at 1. Then dishes. It cleared and the sun came out. Hot. Pop went down to the office. Mum persuaded me to lie down with her and sleep. I day-dreamed (about Ashley, ashamed to say!) and had a wonderful time. Drifted off to sleep and dreamed that Betty Jeane came back for another visit; a man climbed up a ladder and peeked in my bedroom window; I was in a church with only my slip on and — Mum woke me at 4:30. I got up, feeling like a dishrag, and made sandwiches while Mum tended to other aspects of the supper. We were all prepared by 5. Cloudy again. I dressed and had just gotten the chairs set up in the back yard when it started to rain. A mad rush getting them in again with Mum lamenting “Oh, what a shame!” At which point Kimmie and Kay arrived followed a few minutes later by Betsy and then Pan. The latter 2 had been playing tennis and were worn out. It stopped raining as suddenly as it had started so we carried the chairs out again. Kim helped Mum and I serve. Had luscious picnic supper and stuffed to capacity. Mum came out and read us some limericks. Pan and Betsy put on a show for us and I, at any rate, nearly died laughing. Pop was supposed to be asleep but I don’t see how he could have slept through that! About 6:30 we went in. We repaired our damaged make-up and Kay and Betsy left for Christian Education, profuse in their thanks and compliments on the supper. Pan, Kim and I followed and went down to their house. I looked at magazines. About 7:30 we went down to Methodist Church. Early for a change. Not as many there as usual. Very threatening outside. Lovely breeze. Mr. Briggs gave a short sermon in Mr. Brewster’s absence. Out about 8:30. Talked to Betty Bowman — til Wolf Jack Brown whisked her away. Margaret and Roby came out and we kidded with them. Mrs. Geasland, too. Finally parted after Roby and I nearly beat each other up. One minute it was lightning“ing” and thundering and the next minute the moon was out. Went up to Youngs’. Mrs. and Mr.’s visiting sister were sitting out on the porch. I was introduced. We 3 went in and Mrs. Young suggested watermelon so Kim, Pan and I sat at the kitchen table and feasted. We kidded and had ever so much fun. I came suddenly alive again and loved everybody. When I told them about Rochester, Pan said she was glad I wasn’t going way out to Washington. After stuffing ourselves to the high water (melon) mark, we adjourned to the living room where Pan accompanied Kim and I in a rendition of “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes.” Then Pan and I did the conga and tried to teach Kimmie — she did it like a wooden doll! 🙂 Left about 9:30 and they walked home with me. Pan brought up the subject of Ashley so I told them about Arabia and what happened that last Saturday night. Moon shining and rain all gone by. Said ’night. They’re both so sweet! Did stack of dishes and to bed. Oh yes, Pop brought a letter from Little Betty this afternoon. She is back home now after an eventful visit in California. She wrote Mum, too, but Mum wouldn’t read it. I read it and it was a very nice thank-you letter. I guess she didn’t intend to write before getting home. Although I’m definitely not going to Washington now, I felt much better and all is forgiven and forgotten. Nice letter from Carlyle thanking Mum for the little gift she sent their baby Rita. Felt good.