Marcy S., age 20, Tennessee

Mum called me at 7 and I said to myself first thing “You’re 20 years old today.” But myself wasn’t convinced! I still feel jumpy inside and couldn’t eat much breakfast. There was a present at my place – a lovely pair of lace-trimmed panties and a card from Mum. Mr. Pridemore came. A lovely morn. I drove down partway with Mrs. Mildred. Mr. Harris sent me to pay some bills first thing. Getting hot again. Quite a few people came in – Mrs. Goodman for one and we visited. An old woman who has been Mr. H.’s client for 40 years also came in – she’s either 73 or 83 and Mr. H. introduced us. He said, “This girl (!) has never been married.” And she piped up, “I never want to get married.”! I made out a trust deed before lunch. Mum called to tell me to go to the Golden Rule for something and Mr. H. let me go about 10 minutes early. Mum wasn’t feeling very good – the heat and something she “et” that’s given her a stomach ache. Just as I was sitting down to dinner Pop came! With a 2 day’s beard and looking as if he’d been on every fire in the country! He’d only had about 4 hours’ sleep in 2 nights. Brought a birthday card from Helen. We all sat down and Mum and Pop recounted their troubles to each other. I went back at 1. Did some more trust deeds. Mr. H. went out and left me to figure out one for myself – but I think I did it okay. About 3:30 it got very dark and the wind was blowing around. Mr. H. said I’d better go before the rains came. He’s so thoughtful and kind-hearted – that’s why it’s so sad about his drinking. I went to Golden Rule for something and on home about 3:45. Mum and Pop were asleep. I closed most of the windows although it hadn’t started to rain. Mum got up. Then the rain began – I read the paper – all about Dewey’s accepting the nomination for President and Bricker to Vice-President. The storm didn’t come very close but we had a nice rain. The sun came out soon although it still stayed cloudy. Mum had called Mrs. Warriner this morning and invited her up for the picnic tonight – she accepted enthusiastically but about 5 she called to say she had to pack and couldn’t come! I felt sort of let down but didn’t show it. Took a bath and helped Mum get the supper ready. Played piano. About 6:30 I called to remind George – Clure got home this afternoon. He told his mother to tell me that he’d meant to tell us at noon that he had to play soft ball tonight and couldn’t come. Well, that party fell through with a crash!! Mum was more disappointed than I. I ’phoned Kimmie and we made arrangements to go to the show. Mum sat out on the front porch with me while I ate my birthday picnic supper. Had cake and ice cream. Pop woke up and decided to go over and play ball, too. Some men had ’phoned for him but Mum said he was too tired to play. I left about 7:15. It was lovely and cool. Mary Arnold was outside her house talking to someone in a car. It was Mary F. Greer!! Mary A.’s married sister was there, too, and I met her. She, too, said she’d heard so much about me! Hmmm! She’s very sweet. We 4 talked and kidded for about 10 minutes. I told Mary G. about my date with Earl and they all teased me. Horace was inside but he came out soon and nearly knocked me over with affection. Mary G. has been sick today – strep throat. She and mother beat all! We all bid each other fond farewells and Mary A. said we’d have to get together again. Sarah said we’d have to go swimming some time! I walked down to Kimmie’s feeling wonderful! Talked to Mr. Young a few minutes – then he and Mr. Massey went over to play ball, too. About 7:45 Pan came out, Kay came down, and lastly (as usual) Kimmie appeared. We walked down to the Princess. The west was so bright. It was very crowded and we had to sit up in the balcony. The pictures had started. It was “The Sullivans” and was just wonderful – though very sad. The 3 Stooges were on in a corny short. Kimmie and I sat together and when some people left, Pan and Kay moved down with us. Out about 10:30. As we started up by the grocery store across from the P.O. I saw the “man at Clure’s” coming up behind us. [In upper margin: “He was all dressed up and looked very handsome!”) As we crossed the street at the Methodist Church, he was right on our heels and said, “This is too late for you to be out, Pattie” (or something like that). I turned around and spoke to him. He turned up by Roberts’ and we went on up by Youngs’. The girls yelled to their mothers that they were going to walk me home. Pan and Kay wanted to hurry as we’d meet “him” up at Tarwaters’ so we mushed radly up the hill but he must have mushed radlier ’cause we didn’t see him in either direction. It was so funny! Kimmie is going back up to Cincy tomorrow for a week of opera! We talked awhile in front of the house and I felt so much more at ease with them! The moon and stars were out. We parted and I went in to find Mum having tea in bed. She was feeling somewhat better but was very sleepy. We talked awhile. Pop had gotten back from the ball game – the men lost! Oh yes – in the newsreel tonight there were some pictures of the aviation style show that we saw at school the last Sunday! To bed about 11:30. Truly, this has been the best birthday every, just because I feel so different and have a new positive attitude. I was so happy I could hardly get to sleep!