Marcy S., age 47, North Carolina

Last night I was thinking about the old question: Is it a matter of enjoying life if I could or if I would? I would if I could, or I could if I would? That can really get confusing, but I decided it was probably the latter. Because every time something good and hopeful and exciting comes along, I either reject it completely, or put off acting upon it — instead of saying yes! and latching on. I’m letting despair and boredom dominate my life. I seem determined to reject all of God’s great gifts. All of a sudden I realized how stupid I’m being — and how hard I’ve been working just to be miserable! “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Now I know (just as I’ve known many times before and lost) what my part is — not to make any great effort to be worthy of God’s love, not to hand everything to God in a neat package, but simply to accept. God gives; we accept His gifts. And our lives are changed, transformed by the glorious power of His love and joy and peace.