Marcy S., age 62, North Carolina

Father, I humbly ask You to enable me to forgive Harold that he may be set free from the bondage that my unforgiveness is holding him in. Let Your divine forgiveness flow through me to him. Thank You for peace in our home.

Yesterday morning Bill Eibell announced that he and Carol were resigning as pastors. He said he felt that God was asking them to lay down their ministry for the good of the people. Brother Oscar and Sister Nellie were there. Bill had not expected them till Sunday night and was quite shaken up. He had planned to preach a “fiery” sermon, then break the news to us. Instead, he told us immediately that they were resigning. Those who have “stood fast” and remained must reach out to those who come back with God’s love — we must welcome them and make them feel we accept them. After the initial shock wore off and some of the emotional hurt, I began to feel a peace about Bill’s decision — he said that he hoped we would. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Bill said that he had failed in the most important aspect of being a pastor — he had not brought unity in the body.