Marcy S., age 62, North Carolina

Yesterday morning during our prayer time at the church, Sister Nellie started praying that the spirit intercession would come upon us as we prayed in the Spirit. As I prayed more and more fervently in the Spirit I began to weep. (Atilk’s name came into my mind so the Spirit may have been praying for her. She’s Wendy’s former roommate in graduate school — a doctor from Indonesia and a Moslem. Wendy and Trudie, too, have witnessed to her, but she has not become a believer yet.) Many tears streamed down my face. I was holding one of Nellie’s hands and presently she let go and stood in front of me, placing her hands on me, too, and Nellie spoke the Word of the Lord over me, that I had prayed and prayed for change but nothing seemed to change. But that as the spirit of intercession rose up in me, I would begin to see change in myself and in others for whom I’d been praying. As I yield myself to the spirit of intercession, faith to believe that God will bring about change will grow and I will receive the answers I’ve been praying for. These were not Nellie’s exact words, but I believe the gist of them. Oh, what a precious, faith-renewing Word! Holy Spirit, please help me to be faithful in intercession, to just abandon myself to that ministry.