Marcy S., age 62, North Carolina

Lord, I need your quickening power today. As the result of about 20 people (who want the Eibells to stay) calling Va. Beach on Monday, they, the Eibells, are coming back today. Yesterday Barbara told me that Roger was leaving the school. She and Kermit, Tommy and Ann Johnson, the Weathersbys, Ann Boyd and Irene are all leaving the church. Mitchell took all his PACES, etc. home yesterday afternoon. Jo Ann will probably withdraw Wiley and Laurie. Oh! I was so confused and distraught, but by Your Spirit, Lord, managed to stay somewhat composed. Ann Boyd called me right before supper to ask if I had heard anything from the Lord — no, because I’d been too upset. I just can’t walk out and leave the school, yet I don’t know how I can stay, feeling in my heart that Bill Eibell is not a man of integrity. I want to believe that he is, but so many things point the other way.

Last night shortly after we’d gone to bed Bill called from Va. Beach — he’d heard about Roger leaving (but not Mitchell) and wanted to know how I was doing and if I could manage today until he got here. Barbara said yesterday that she’d probably be back today. Bill sounded so concerned about how I was doing, and said we would talk when he returned. Lord, please give me Your wisdom to know what to say to him. He is still my pastor, but the time has come for honesty — at least I think it has. Put a guard on my lips, Lord — let me not say anything that will grieve Your Holy Spirit.

Someone is coming down from Va. Beach tonight to inform us of what transpired at a closed meeting of the Rock Church board this week. Oh, Lord, let the truth be known, whatever it is! We have walked in the dark for too long.