Mark S., age 36, North Carolina

Up with Rebecca (2 weeks old) from 1 to 2:15 A.M. to help Sandra with breast-feeding. Back to sleep => up with Rebecca ~ 7 A.M. => held her & watched T.V. Med. journal. To West Variety => home. Newspaper. Folded & put away clothes. Went thru office mail. Phone from Pam Blanks (she vomiting & late on menstrual period). Phone to Ticketron to buy Who tickets => phone to Druscie. Paid bills. Held & sang to Rebecca. Pam brought lasagna over for my lunch. T.V. tennis = Agassi > Krickstein in Tournament of Champions. “Nap” with Sandra. Taped “A Star Is Born”. Phone to Kenny & Druscie re getting together tonite. To Northwoods Park for Cary City tennis tourney, but courts too wet. To ABC store => to Provisions to get coffee for Sandra => West Variety => home; just missed call from Emily (in Savannah @ Prather’s). Mapped out route for country roads ride ~ Wake Co. (car rides soothing for fussy Rebecca). Phone to Ernie Hylton => he out in yard & never returned my call. * To K & D’s with S & R for drinks (Wild Turkey, Amaretto), talk, play with Tom (3 years old), popcorn, ice hockey (I won, 5-1), etc. Home ~ 11:00. Sat up with & bathed fussy Rebecca until Sandra fed her ~ 1 A.M.