Mark S., age 36, Virginia & North Carolina

(In Williamsburg after driving there last nite with Emily, Sarah, and Melanie Stammely): Up ~ 6 AM with kids. Packed van. Breakfast with kids at Holiday Inn. Doug and Emily Kirkton sat beside us; newspaper. To Williamsburg Lodge by ~ 8 AM for Scottish dancing competition. To gift shop with Sarah and Melanie to buy coloring book for Sarah. Phone to Pickett Miles (my youth pastor from high school days). Newspaper. Journal. * Emily won first place in Fling & Sword dance & 2nd in Full Tullock. ** Pickett & Helen Miles met me at Williamsburg Lodge for ~ 45 minute talk; Helen met Emily & Sarah for first time. Phone to Tom Stammely. Left Williamsburg ~ noon; played “sign alphabet” game & Trivial Pursuit enroute => home ~ 3:45. Sandra & Kay Walker had hung pictures on walls of stairway, bedroom, etc. To East Cary Jr. H.S. for adult league basketball game vs. purple team (we won by two; I scored five points); E & S & Melanie watched game; Sandra came for fourth quarter and sat with Peg Berry. To Stammely’s (not home); radio B- ball = NCSU beat WFU in 4 O.T.’s. To Mazzio’s with Sandra and kids (too crowded) => supper at Applebee’s => to drugstore for hemorrhoid ointment for Sandra; Melanie hit me with snowball. Took Melanie home; TV, talk with Stammelys. Home ~ 9:15. Kids to bed. Listened to music in bed with Sandra.