Mark S., age 37, North Carolina

Up ~ 6 AM => rounds at WakeMed & Rex; gave Christmas present to Kevin Kelly at Rex (4 y.o. with rule out meningitis). Home ~ 8:30. Rebecca got her Santa Claus presents (rocking horse, playhouse, car); camcorder. Played with Rebecca. Made deviled eggs. Back to Rex to discharge baby => to office to see patients. To S. Jaguar Ct. ~ 1:30 to get Emily and Sarah => home. Mom and dad came ~ 2:30 => gave Christmas gifts to E & S, Sandra & Rebecca; camcorder. Kenny & Druscie & Tom and Lily, Trudie and Wendy, Renita and Katie all came over ~ 3:30. **Opened Christmas gifts with family. Ate supper with entire Simpson family. Talked to Kenny re going to party in Tarboro tonight. Talked to Renita re her back. Camcorder. “I Love Lucy” on VCR. Played Upwards with Emily, Sandra, Wendy, & mom. Kenny and Druscie and Lily to Tarboro. Emily to K & D’s to spend night with Trudy and Wendy and Tom. Renita, Katie, mom and dad spent night with us (Sandra and I slept in Sarah’s bed).