Mark S., age 40, North Carolina

Up ~8:00 A.M. To office with Sarah to drop off beeper & to check Lauren Santori. To Brueggers with Sarah for bagel, coffee, newspaper, talk. Home ~9:30. Diary. Checked check-book with Sandra. Tennis (doubles) with Sandra vs. Bob & Donna Lee @ MacGregor Downs (6-4,2-6,1-6); singles with Bob (7-5). Home ~1:15. To Raleigh Little Theater with Sandra, Rebecca, Sarah, & Lillie for “The Hobbit” (play); walked in Rose Garden; supper @ Brother’s on Hillsborough St.; played in church playground near Brother’s => played HORSE on ~7.5 ft. goal with Sandra & Sarah (I won); ice cream @ Doug’s Ice Cream. To Kenny & Druscie’s to drop off Rebecca to spend nite with Lillie; talked to K & D, Robert Wilson (he told me re his recent diagnosis with rheumatic fever), & Tommy Pope (Kenny’s neighbor); I bought beer. Home with Sandra & Sarah. 3-handed spades with Sandra & Sarah (I won). Phone from Emily from Seattle => she did not place in Scottish dancing nationals). Stern talk on phone with Colleen b/o she not calling Sarah tonite (she was to spend nite). To movie with Sarah @ Waverly Place (“Free Willy”) => home. Read from “The Two Towers” with Sarah. Hurt talk with Sandra re me having coffee with Lisa Cole => Sandra tried to leave => I talked her out of it => we slept in Em’s bed b/o Sandra’s hurt back.