Mark S., age 44, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado

Woke up ~ 7:00. Talked in bed with Sandra. Rebecca got in bed with us => we watched “Scooby Doo” together. Drank mimosas with Sandra. Took Reb. to school with Sandra => Sandra suddenly depressed/angry. To Paradigm with Sandra for coffee, checkers; saw Judy Beck there with her friend, Jane. To Victoria Secret @ Cary Towne Center with Sandra => bought her pajamas for her Valentine’s Day gift. To office to get med. journal => home with Sandra. Helped Sandra get security clip off her PJ’s. Selected CD’s for trip. Office mail. Phone from Karen Rogers as we preparing to leave for lunch @ McGregor Downs to say our flite had been cancelled, but that we could fly out at 2:00 (< 90 min. warning). Phone to SS-I re flite change => she to airport with Laura’s bag. To CHS to get Laura, but she’d cut class & couldn’t be found. Home (very angry!). Hurriedly packed Mazda; Rogers came over ~ 1:00 => Wayne & I put skis on top of car. To airport with S & R, Karen & Wayne & Ashley. SS-I met us there => I told her “Laura’s not going” => she left to go look for Laura @ CHS; “bye” to Sandra. To gate to catch plane with Reb. & Rogers; got Laura booked on a 5:21 flite. Flew to Dallas-Ft. Worth (3-handed spades with K & W (Karen won); phone to Laura from plane; diary). Got message when we arrived @ Dallas that my flite to Denver had been changed to same flite Laura would be on => phone to SS-I & Sandra; walked to gate with Reb. & Rogers for their flite to Denver; Tetris; played with Reb. “Bye” to Reb. & Rogers as they boarded their flite => walked to gate Laura coming in on; had beer while writing in diary; med. journal. Met Laura getting off plane from RDU => “ran” to gate for flite to Denver. Stern talk with Laura on plane re her cutting class today & all the problems it caused => she cried; talked to guy from K.C. on flite re B-ball (he went to Kansas), etc.; journal. Arrived in Denver ~ 10:45 => Karen met us at gate => met up with Wayne, Ashley, & Reb. @ baggage carousel => waited outside for ~ 30 mins. for shuttle to Embassy Suites => shuttled to hotel & checked in ~ 12:30 => slept with Laura after phone to Sandra.