Mark S., age 50, Pennsylvania

(At Emily’s apt. in Philadelphia) – Up ~ 10:00. Diary. Phone fr. Sandra. Phone to Royce Skinner (Andra’s hubby) => he told me Sandra (Stammely) @ home => phone to her => told her “I’m sorry” re Andra’s death yest. Talked to Em after she got up. Walked solo to Stellar coffee shop for coffee & bagel & newspaper; cell phone to Em => she met me @ coffee shop. Walked to Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philly with Em => to Visitor Center; watched 30 min. film (“Independence”) by John Huston & looked @ exhibits; tried to call Sarah while in line for Liberty Bell (she not home); played Blackjack on cell phone & tried to program nos. into “phonebook” (no luck); viewed the Liberty Bell (took pix). Lunch with Em @ Will & Duffy’s (I had Philly cheese steak). Toured Carpenters’ Hall, Philosophical Hall, & Independence Hall (where Declaration of Independence & Constitution were signed; pix) with Em; long walk back to Em’s apt. T.V., talk with Em; diary. Met Em’s neighbor from upstairs (Karen). Cooked bologna for bologna sandwhiches for supper. To Steely Dan concert @ The Tweeter in Camden, N.J. with Em  (after missing turn in Philly) => FABULOUS show within view of Philly skyline beside Delaware River; Em pointed out Mars (closest to Earth it’s been in thousands of years); much beer. Em drove back to Philly => parked car => we walked back to her apt.; I cooked an omelet for myself. Walked to Ten Stone (bar) with Em for night-cap; talk at bar. “Home” ~ 1:30 => slept on sofa.