Mark S., age 41, Virginia

Up ~ 9:30. Packed for trip to Springfield, Va. Phone to E & S. To Garlock’s with Sandra to get Rebecca; talked to Barb and Deo.  **Drove to Eric Ricketts’s parents’ (Marilyn and Myron) house in Springfield, Va. with Sandra and Rebecca; stopped in Gilburg, NC to visit Sandra’s parents’ graves; stopped at Pizza Hut in South Hills, Va. for lunch (after playing with Rebecca and her little doctor kit we had bought for her en route); played spades with Sandra and Rebecca at lunch; listened to tape of interview with Pat and Jill Williams re. marital “rekindling”; read medical journal; radio football en route (Brown’s > Pats in AFC Wild Card game); phone to Eric’s mom en route; supper at Houlihan’s in Springfield with Sandra and Rebecca => I wrote down my “Goals for 1995”. **To Rickettses’ house ~ 6:30 => met Myron and Marilyn, and Eric’s grandparents, Merle and Beulah Young. End of TV football (Bears > Vikings in NFC Wild Card). Talked to Eric, Wendy, Marilyn, Myron, Merle, Beulah, and Sandra; I showed Eric, et. al. Dylan Karaus’s “redneck readin’ lesson”. Rebecca took bubble bath in jacuzzi. Looked at plans of Rickettses’ new house (to be built in Warrenton, Va). TV football (Nebraska > Miami in Orange Bowl for National Championship); talked to Sandra and Rebecca at halftime in bed; talked to Eric re. intelligence, teaching kids, etc.; I watched fourth-quarter alone after everybody else to bed; medical journal.  [Editor’s note: the double asterisk (**) before a phrase indicates a special event in the writer’s life.]