Ralph G., age 18, Indiana

Got up at 7:00 A.M. and went to the cafeteria for breakfast as soon after that as possible. We then went to the men’s gymnasium and registered. There being about 3,000 students in the same notion, it took us the biggest part of the morning. After getting a feed at the cafeteria I played tennis all afternoon with Alfred, Howard and others. I left the tennis court in time to arrive at the football field to see the 60 grid candidates sprint across the 100 yds. just before going to the gymnasium to dress. I went to the cafeteria for supper, and then went home and wrote a letter to my father, to Dorothy Parker, and a card to Donald Johnson. Played rook until 10 P.M. and then retired.

*Ralph Garriott Diary: Indiana University Archives (Collection C361)