Ralph G., age 18, Indiana

Got up at 7:00, went to cafeteria for breakfast, and then went to my first college class, which was Spanish, under Professor Short. Went to convocation at assembly hall and heard Dr. Shirley an Indianapolis lawyer talk on various laws of the United States. Met an old Knightstown chum Russell C. Rees a junior at I.U. and discussed various affairs with him until time for my eleven o’clock class (Algebra) under Prof. Davis. Ate dinner at cafeteria and went to accounting class in commerce building under Prof. McCollough. Made hurried visit to University book store and bought a number of books and went home. I returned to the assembly hall for my first class in Military science and tactics, which was merely a class of instruction. Left assembly hall and went to biology hall to get my English composition changed from 8:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. Spent the rest of the afternoon at the gridiron watching I.U.’s hopeful proteges fight for supremacy on the the local “eleven.” Went home and prepared myself to go out as a guest of “Sigma Nu” for 6:00 dinner at a downtown hotel. Went to above mentioned dinner, and was treated royally. Came home and worked algebra problems, and studied Spanish. Heard bunches of Sophomores out chasing freshmen for the purpose of initiating them. I have escaped so far. Am expecting mine anytime. In bed 10:00 P.M.

*Ralph Garriott Diary: Indiana University Archives (Collection C361)