Ralph G., age 18, Indiana

Arrived at Indiana University this morning at 10:50. Trunks were there, and I immediately unpacked same. Went down town to lunch, and took a spin around the city of Bloomington with E.C. Morgan and son of Knightstown, Indiana, after which I teamed with Alfred Morgan and played two sets of doubles, losing both set 2-6, 2-3. We lingered at the tennis courts until dusk, and then came home and changed clothes suitable for supper, which we secured at the College Inn. Alfred and I then went down town merely for the purpose of better acquainting ourselves with our home city (Bloomington, Indiana). We came a half hour or so later to our rooming house on 507 East Smith Ave. and found that another boy from Knightstown, Ind. (Howard Mount) had arrived, and also left again. It being about 9:30 I prepared for bed, and just as I was ready to “hit the hay” Howard and a friend from Dennison, Ohio came in. They were tired, and so was I, so we went to bed immediately. Thus ending our first day on the campus of old I.U. ┬áButler and Word, two more fellows from Knightstown, Indiana arrived at 12:00 (midnight).

Ralph Garriott Diary: Indiana University Archives (Collection C361)