Sarah F., age 17, Kentucky

Trying so hard to conceal it, no energy left, I can’t take another step Who am I? I ask this every minute Endless questions clutter my brain, sending me in circles Is there no way out? No escape from this cold, dark state No hands to grab on to, Nothing is real anymore I can’t accept it, so I reject it I turn away every time I give in Everyone does it, everyone is a lie I can’t let them see it, they won’t accept it I’ve been living in someone else all this time Because I hide it so well, I hide it so carefully I put it away, never to let it out, no one sees it They will judge, they will ignore but I can’t hide it anymore It’s ready to be unleashed, it cannot be caged anymore If they hate it, so be it It will not be hidden It’s been in the shadow too long with no room to grow I will not perform for these people anymore I am not a spectacle to be judged on a worldly scale So here is everything, are they ready? I don’t think they are But I cannot wait another breath It’s time for it to be seen It’s time they saw it it’s time they saw the real me, just me.