Anna L., age 75, Illinois

Did a big wash, Mrs. B. came over for coffee. Her group playing cards at Mrs. Belcher’s this P.M. So cold, clothes froze stiff hard to get off the line. Front line broke as the last pieces were taken down. Lo had den lamp fixed. New switch, so good, have missed it.

Anna L., age 76, Illinois

New Year’s Day. Up early. Had two breakfast guests Jim and G.B. Lo did many things. Took care of ornaments etc. put away in attic. I did kitchen work then out to cabin. Watched parade on color T.V. Fed cats milk let them on porch. Lo took care of water softener and fed ponies. Burned greens and cut up tree. No cleaning, too tired so just picked up. Came home at 3:30, so very quiet.

Henry S., age 26, Michigan

I slept very late this morning, and did not have our breakfast until 7:30.  I did considerable work about the woodshed this forenoon throwing the wood, which formed the walks inside and boarding the sides up with some lumber I had.  Fred Neill came over this afternoon and we cut some trees and cawed wood.  A fine flying squirrell[sic] came out of one of the trees and stayed in view for some time.  I have been having the toothache this evening.  It has begun to snow again.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)

Anna L., age 76, Illinois

Woke up at 5:00, decided I’d do some washing, no big pieces until next week. Mrs. B came later than usual so fixed scram. eggs and bacon. Lo to have hair done. Clothes of course froze stiff but seemed good they are clean.