Laura M., age 15, North Carolina

Good day. Zach bitched at Chris about his tape and I think Chris is scared. Me and Chrissi and Zach went home with Ashley. Zach told me that Tim wants 2 get up with me again ’cause I remind him of a bisexual. WHAT?! 🙂 Tim’s a weirdo. Mom came and I went 2 “Poetic Explosions” workshop in Durham (Duke) from 4:30-9:00. It was really fun. Cool teachers. Came home. Courtney, story, homework.

Cornelia H., age 26, North Carolina

Mr. Henry a good deal better. Mail brought several letters but none for us. The report of the battle in Kty. is true. The Confederates whipped them badly. I cleaned upstairs today as I hear Sister Jane will be in Asheville tomorrow evening. I think she will be here soon after she gets to Dr. Neilson’s. I hope she will stay some time with us. I did not scour, only moved the wool & arranged things generally. Mr. Henry, Pinck, Zona & I went to the mill dam this evening so he is getting well.

*(Fear in North Carolina: The Civil War Journals and Letters of the Henry Family, Eds. Karen L. Clinard and Richard Russell, used with permission.)

Henry S., age 26, Michigan

It has not been a pleasant day, being windy and chilly.  I have been digging for a cellar all day, and am rather tired in consequence of so going.  My front teeth have been very tender today and pained badly at times.  I don’t like to have toothache and such things just now if I am to teach.  I am going up in the morning to see what is to be done about it.

*(R. Henry Scadin Collection, D.H. Ramsey Library Special Collections, UNC Asheville)